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Grade 4 News

Friday, October 2, 2020


Dear American Academy Parents,


We have almost made it! We only have one week until fall break! I think we are all ready for a little time to relax and recharge. We still have to keep pushing along for this last week, because it will definitely be a busy one. Conferences are coming up, so please make sure you have looked over the I-Ready reports that you have received in either an email or in a hard copy in  student's green folders. If you have any questions regarding the I-Ready reports, you can ask at conferences. If you have not already received a link for your conference, do not worry, your student's homeroom teacher should be sending that out soon in an email.




10/7  Elementary Evening conferences

10/8  Elementary Evening conferences

10/8  Spirit Day

10/9  NO SCHOOL - Start of Fall Break





We have not received the PG Movie Permission from most of the remote learners.  Please email your homeroom teacher with the PG permission information below. Thank you!


PG Movie Permission

During the school year, our students will be watching movies during carpool or in class to supplement lessons. While we do our best to select G-rated movies, there is the possibility of some movies having a rating of PG (parental guidance). 


For example, to wrap up a couple of our Core Knowledge novel units, we will be showing classic movie versions of our books, such as the original, 1950 movie Treasure Island (rated PG). Some of the movies, such as the classic Sword in the Stone, are older and unrated.  There are also other various unrated shows we would like to show, like School House Rock and the old Charlie Brown Peanuts shows. Please know that we do screen all movies to ensure they are not inappropriate. 


In addition, during carpool we show some Disney movies and other cartons such as Brother Bear, Quest for Camelot, and so on.  Again, we do screen the movies to ensure they are appropriate.


Please copy and paste the form below into an email, indicate if you do or do not give your permission, then send it to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible. If you choose not to give your permission, an alternate activity will be provided. First and foremost, we will respect your wishes for your student. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your fourth grade teacher.   


Student Name: 

Homeroom Teacher: 

Yes, my student has permission to watch PG movies in class. 

No, my student does not have permission to watch PG movies in class. 




What's happening in class?




Ms. Chiappini



We are completing chapter 2 this week and will have our test on Monday. The chapter review will be sent home on Thursday so please have your student study this weekend so they are prepared for the test on Monday.  In addition to this, the class will be taking the vocabulary test on Tuesday.  Since we are continuing with multiplication strategies, it is important that your student continues to practice and memorize their multiplication facts as this is usually the part that slows them down.



Our class wrapped up our novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and will be having their final comprehension test tomorrow (Thursday).  I have never seen a group of students enjoy a book so much and we were all a bit disappointed to have it end.  Students should continue reading their book that they chose for their book report.  Activity packets were sent home last week so please keep these in a safe place until needed.  Book reports are due Nov. 2nd.



We are continuing our journey in the Middle ages.  Students learned that many crusaders fought for a cause they believed in which usually ended in death.  Joan of Arc was such an example and she inspired many others to follow.  In the upcoming days, we will dive deeper into the people of the Middle ages and what life looked like for peasants, lords, and other medieval groups.



Ms. Midiri



This week we finished up chapter two and will be taking our test on Monday and our vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. Please study the chapter review that is posted on Teams. On Tuesday we will be starting chapter 3, which continues working on multiplication. Please have your students continue to review the vocabulary from chapter 2 and 3 along with any new vocabulary from chapter 3. Please make sure that your student is practicing and memorizing their multiplication facts to help them as we continue with multiplication strategies and look forward to division.



This week we finished reading our novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. The students enjoyed reading this novel and are already excited to start reading our next novel at the end of October. Next week, we will start our first writing unit which will focus on personal narratives. This unit will allow the students to use their own creativity while focusing on the writing process. Please make sure that students are reading the book that they chose for their book reports. Book reports are due November 2nd and I look forward to seeing all of their projects.



Ms. Mercy



We are wrapping up chapter 2 this week. We will take the chapter 2 test on Monday, and the vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. So the students should be studying the review from the book and vocabulary in math journals over the weekend. We are continuing to take quizzes each week over multiplication facts, so students should be practicing these at home as well. It will be extremely helpful as we move on to chapter 3 by the end of next week. 



We have ended our unit on the  Processes that Shape the Earth this week. The students learned all about natural disasters, such as: volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, erosion, and landslides. Next week the students will begin their first STEM unit of the year. It will be the robotic unit. You should be receiving an email from Ms. Martinez, the STEM teacher soon.



We have jumped back in time to the Middle Ages! We have discussed the many crusades and the Hundred Years War. Then we unfortunately reached the time of the Black Death. The students enjoyed playing the Black Death game. Each student randomly picked a career from the middle ages. Then we drew cards to see who contracted the plague. It was interesting to see how the plague struck everyone, no matter how rich or poor they were! Students should also start saving  empty toilet paper tubes and empty paper towels tubes for an in-class project after fall break!


Ms. Churik



This week we finished up chapter 2 and prepared for our chapter 2 test on Monday. Next week, we will be starting chapter 3, which covers multiplication. In Chapter 2, students were introduced to the concept of multiplication and taught a few methods to solve multiplication problems, including the traditional method. Chapter 3 will continue teaching students how to multiply bigger numbers.
My class will be joining Ms. Midiri's class during quarantine while I take time off for my wedding and honeymoon. If you need anything until fall break, you can contact her.



We finished our book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and just took our final comprehension test on the novel. This week we worked on writing summaries, including a summary of our novel. The whole class really enjoyed this book, and we will continue to do novel studies throughout the year. Next, we will be working on a narrative (fiction) writing assignment that will allow students to show their creativity. We have a spelling test on October 5, and then we will take a break from spelling for fall break. 




Ms. Contreras



We have complete Chapter 2 of Go Math and have started Chapter 3 Estimating Products with 2digit by 2 digit multiplication. This will require more that our students truly are familiar with their multiplication tables so please ensure that they are practicing them at home.   Also, we will also continue to practice our skills in I Know It to get them proficient and ready to conquer Math.  We will continue to use all available tools to ensure that our students become excellent Mathematicians! 


Science:                                                                                                                                                                    Our first unit Earth Science is complete.  Students were amazing Scientists demonstrating what they know with their final case study where they became engineers for a city council and had to make recommendations about one of the natural hazards they studied:  landslides.  I was truly amazed at the finished reports that I read from my students.  I know that as they move forward in Science they will truly do well and continue to demonstrate their Scientific knowledge in ways that will amaze their other teachers.



Ms. Gallina



We are now in chapter 3 of GoMath! where we are working on our multiplication skills. We are continuing to work on multiplication and using different strategies when multiplying larger numbers. Students should be practicing their math vocabulary, as we will have another vocab quiz at the end of the unit. Students should also be practicing their math facts. They have a weekly fact practice activity on I Know It.




This week, we will finish our novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  The whole class has enjoyed this novel and I am looking forward to some wonderful conversations as we wrap the book up on Monday. We will take our novel comprehension test on Monday and then move on to our next skill, personal narratives. We will begin personal narratives this week and continue with our writing after fall break. Students will also have their 3rd spelling test this week. Words can be found in TEAMS. Students should also be working on picking out  a book for their first book report. You can find their Lexile Level in Infinite Campus under the Book Report assignment. I hope you and your family have a wonderful fall break!


Ms. Martinez:



We are cruising along in math.  We just completed the Chapter 2 test this week along with our Chapter 2 math Vocabulary Quiz.  Please stress the importance of the math vocabulary with your student.  If they understand the vocabulary words, they will have a much greater comprehensive understanding of the new concepts in each chapter.  We are moving onto Chapter 3 next week which will include learning more methods of multiplication. As always, if your student is struggling with their multiplication facts, please have your student practice them daily at home.  



As we continue moving through our Middle Ages unit we are focusing on the specific people in the Middle Ages. Your student will be learning about the daily life of the lords, knights and peasants.  They will also learn about a few specific people of the Middle Ages and why they were important. In the next few weeks, your student will make a Coat of Arms that will be designed to represent who they are and what they would showcase about themselves if they were going into battle in the Middle ages. 


 ~The Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Chiappini, Ms. Churik, Ms. Contreras, Ms. Gallina, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Mercy, Ms. Midiri