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Grade 4 News

January 11, 2019


Dear Parents,

Welcome Back! We hope you had a wonderful Winter Break and have had a seamless transition back into school, despite our recent wintry weather!  It has been great to see all of the kids again after such a long time away.  Thankfully, they all seem rested and ready to jump back into some learning!



1/14 Conference SignUp Genius sent by Homeroom Teacher

1/18 Conference SignUp Genius closed

1/21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

1/23-1/24 Student-Led Conferences

1/25 Dress of Choice Day

2/1 Parents Night Out




Our January conferences will be student-led. The SignUp Genius will be sent by your student's Homeroom teacher on Monday, January 14th, and will close on Friday, January 18th. Please note that these conferences are optional, and that while teachers will be present, this is a time for your child to share their learning with you. We ask that specific questions be emailed to teachers (regarding grades, assignments, etc.). Your student will have plenty to share regarding each of their classes.


What's happening in class?


Saxon Math is a spiraling program. Many math concepts are introduced throughout the year and revisited in the homework practice. Most classes will get time to work on homework at the end of class and ask questions from their teachers. Please check Infinite Campus for due dates and upcoming tests. Assessments are done every 5 lessons.


Ms. Anderson's Literacy Class

This first week back has been very productive.  Most all of the 4th graders have turned in their reports about their chosen natural disaster.  With this being our first paper that was typed, it was pretty exciting!  All of the students were allowed to choose one picture for the cover of their report.  By the time I am done reading all of these reports, I hope to be an expert at natural disasters!  Finally, we get to return to reading a novel.  We will start Robin Hood on Monday.  This story of an outlaw living in the forest is always a favorite among the 4th graders.  I look forward to sharing it with them.  Please look for an email from me that explains the Trimester 2 book reports.  Enjoy the snowy weekend!


Ms. Wren's Literacy Class

We've finished our reports and will be sharing them with our classmates next week! We'll then shift our focus to our next reading unit - Robin Hood! As we read this book as a class, the students will be working on their second book report (be on the lookout for an email with details). Students will focus on character traits for both books, and we'll have plenty of discussions around this concept as a class. We'll also do quite a bit of vocabulary work with Robin Hood, and we'll practice responding to reading questions using the RACE method (Restate the question, Answer the question, Cite evidence, and Explain).


Ms. Martinez's History Class

We are having a great time in history learning about the Middle Ages. The kids have been excited to learn about how boys became knights back then and the barbaric style of living from that time period.  Today the students were in disbelief of the medical practices that were used in that time period.  If you get a moment to ask them, I'm sure they would love to share what they learned today! We will continue our study of the Middle Ages over the next few weeks.  


Ms. Mercy's Science Class 

 Welcome Back! We have jumped right into a new unit on Pangaea, which is the theory that all of the continents were once connected and considered a supercontinent. We are applying the knowledge we have gained so far this year to help us understand how this supercontinent split apart to create the continents we now know.


Specials Information


The illuminated manuscript is a perfect example of how worldview influenced the style of medieval art.  Both European and Middle Eastern cultures created Illuminated Manuscripts during the middle ages.  But their styles differed markedly, in part because of differing worldviews.  The former used asymmetrical, organic patterns, while the latter was more geometric and symmetrical.  Students have the choice of "illuminating" (that is, thoroughly decorating) a single letter in the European style or an entire inspirational quote in the Middle Eastern style.



The treble clef is the higher of the grand scale. In 4th grade, we will be continuing our practice of reading the treble clef by learning and performing music on the boom whackers. 


Physical Education

This unit is all about a week in the life of a PE teacher. Students will discuss what makes a good game and discover what a Target Game is. They will then be split into groups to create their own Target Games. At the end of the week they will present their game by teaching it to another group of students. The group with the best game will have a chance for it to be taught to different elementary school grades during a separate unit.



Students will expand their knowledge of PowerPoint and explore the different uses of this software. Second and third graders will use PowerPoint to create informational presentations while the fourth and fifth graders will create interactive quizzes. These presentations and quizzes will be used later on in Trimester 3 to help students review the content they learned throughout the school year. 


 ~The Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Anderson, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Mercy, and Ms. Wren