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Grade 4 News

December 14, 2018


Dear Parents,

Thank you for signing your student up for the In-House Field Trips this week; they were so excited about the presentations! I'm sure this past week will be among their most memorable from Fourth Grade. We will have just 4 days until our Winter Break. Our winter parties will be on Thursday, December 20th  from 2:00-3:00pm. Please look out for a volunteer sign up in your emails! Enjoy the weekend!



12/21- Start of Winter Break

01/08- First Day Back After Break

01/10- 1 Hour Late Start- Lock-Down Drill at 9:30 am




Book Fair

Unicorns, gnomes and dragons oh my! There is no better place to get those new books than the Enchanted Forest Book Fair! Opening next Wednesday, Dec 12th and running through Tuesday, Dec. 18th. We will once again be open on Saturday alongside the Holiday Boutique. In need of volunteer hours? All volunteers receive 10% off their book fair purchases. Sign up here! Thanks for supporting the MB Library!


Cheer Night K-4 

Have you heard the cheer team announcements? Do you get sad when they tell you it's for grades 5-8? Well now is your chance to come join Coach Mallory and Coach Christine with their Spirit Squad and become a part of the team for a night! K-4th graders are welcome to come learn some cheers from the spirit squad and get a chance to perform it for our group! We will then finish the night with some pizza and a cheer games! Join us Thursday, December 20th, from 4-7pm for a chance to cheer the night away!


What's happening in class?


Saxon Math is a spiraling program. Many math concepts are introduced throughout the year and revisited in the homework practice. Most classes will get time to work on homework at the end of class and ask questions from their teachers. Please check Infinite Campus for due dates and upcoming tests. Assessments are done every 5 lessons.


Ms. Anderson's Literacy Class

Our research is done, and so are the plans! I have collected them to look over so that next week we can start the rough drafts of our reports. It seems that the students have learned so much about their natural disasters. My hope is that we can finish our final drafts before we go on break. That may be a bit ambitious, so we will need to see how it goes. I have to say, I am really proud of the work that the kids have put into their reports. I am also proud of the growth they have shown in all areas of literacy. When we return from break, we will start reading our second novel of the year, Robin Hood. Have a great weekend!


Ms. Wren's Literacy Class

The students are cruising through their research! They took great notes and found some really neat information about their natural disasters. This week we began formatting our reports - first finalizing our cover pages and glossaries. We'll make sure these are good to go next week, then we'll begin writing each section of our reports. These will likely not be finished before Winter Break, so we'll come back to them in January. The benefit to this is that the information will be fresh in our minds in January, which will help us finish our reports and select some information to "presentate" to our classmates - it's a fourth grade-ism :). Once we've completed our reports, we'll begin reading Robin Hood - be on the lookout for some great vocabulary again!


Ms. Martinez's History Class

We are having a great time in history learning about the Middle Ages. The kids have been excited to learn about how boys became knights back then and the barbaric style of living from that time period.  In addition, the students enjoyed some extra fun this week with Buffalo Bill and how he fits into Colorado's history.  It was a great introduction to the Colorado history unit we will study in greater detail toward the end of the school year.


Ms. Mercy's Science Class 

We have wrapped up our unit on how weathering and erosion change the surface of the earth. In addition, we took an assessment to complete the unit. The students also had an exciting visit from the Gem Lady this Thursday. Each student mined for gems, and then identified each gem. The students should have brought their gem kits home yesterday. Today all of the students had a visit from a local fire fighter. Please ask your student what they learned from this presentation!


Specials Information


The Tapestries of the Unicorn are a series of large, detailed medieval artworks that sequentially tell the story of capturing the fabled unicorn, much in the style of a modern comic book.  With this inspiration, students will design their "creature vs. catcher" characters, later to be digitally animated in Ms. Weil's Tech class.



What a Generous Guy! Not only was Johannes Brahms a composer, but he was a giving and generous person. This month students will learn about Brahms, his compositions, and how he showed generosity. We may even fall asleep after listening to Brahms' famous composition "Lullaby and Goodnight" (aka. Brahms Lullaby).


ABA, is that a pattern? Well actually, it's Form, the arrangement of sections in a musical composition. This month, students will learn what form is and how it applies to music. We will use flashlights, and Makey-Makey play-dough pianos to explore form. 


Tis the season to be...musical! To finish our unit, students will practice reading music from the Treble Clef using bells, boomwackers, and recorders. 


If you would like to schedule a conference with Mrs. Jacob during the January conferences, please check available times here on Signup Genius.


Physical Education

This unit is all about Basketball. Students will try to complete different levels of trick skills when dribbling a basketball including the cross-over, between the legs and behind the back. They will apply information from Sir Isaac Newton and his Third Law of Motion. They will master the bounce and chest pass as well as dabble in some basketball shooting. Students will be creating their own basketball routine in small groups using the skills they have learned. During this unit students will complete a cognitive written exam in paragraph form over the similarities and differences of the chest and bounce pass. 


If you would like to schedule a conference with Mrs. Matthews during the January conference, please check available times here on Signup Genius.



Students will delve into the world of computer programming and coding through a series of online activities that incorporates both block and text coding. Students will have the option to explore coding through’s lessons with Minecraft, Star Wars, or Frozen;’s Code Monkey; Bitsbox’s Build an App; or Scratch Coding. On Fridays, students will be given the opportunity to showcase their coding projects to their classmates.  


If you would like to schedule a conference with Mrs. Weil during the January conferences, please check available times here on Signup Genius.


 ~The Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Anderson, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Mercy, and Ms. Wren