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Friday, February 23, 2018


Dear American Academy Fourth Grade Parents,




Volunteer Opportunity: Recess Referee!

Do you have a passion for sportsmanship? Are you interested in helping our students learn about teamwork and how to form and follow rules of a game? We are seeking Recess Referees to guide students in fair play and following the golden rule to demonstrate good sportsmanship. If you are interested, please check in with the front office as a volunteer during lunch/recess times. 


Upcoming Young AmeriTowne Trip

Thank you to everyone that volunteered to help out with the trip! An email will be going out to the volunteers with more information in the next couple of days. If you signed up to volunteer on March 6th, and know you are not going to be able to make it, please let me know as soon as possible:


Please make sure you've signed your student up for the Young AmeriTowne trip in the School Store on the American Academy website.  The link is below.

School Store


What are we doing in class?

Math Class

Saxon math is a spiraling math program that revisits concepts from every lesson in many of the homework assignments. Please check infinite campus for all math assignments and due dates. Assessments follow after every five lessons.


Ms. Anderson's Literacy Class

Our poetry unit has been so much fun! The students will turn in their first poem on Monday for a grade. It is a memory poem.  We have been working on it all week and I am sure they will be exciting to read. So far, we have read poems that have given us examples of repetition, alliteration, figurative language, point of view, and tone.  We have learned about the content and message of the poems as well as the structure or form.  We will continue with poetry through next week. There will be a quiz on Tuesday, so make sure that your student shows you their work in the OneNote. We have worked through section 6 and all of the literary vocabulary in those sections will be covered on the quiz. Before Spring Break is finally upon us, we will also be writing an imaginative narrative.  Have a great weekend!


Ms. Wren's Literacy Class

Students had a blast with our poetry unit! We finished the unit today by creating poems with friends, using WOW words we'd collected throughout the week - they were creative, silly, funny, and very imaginative! Snaps all around! We'll transition into imaginative writing next week, focusing on theme. We'll be looking at the common themes in literature, especially in the context of fairy tales. We'll also get a chance to write our own short stories, focusing on a specific theme. We'll share these stories with our classmates and see if they can identify the theme! In the week or two leading up to Spring Break, we'll switch gears and practice our essay writing, with an emphasis on topic sentences and providing details.


Ms. Avila's Literacy Class

From now until Spring Break we will be working on a poetry unit. We will be reading a variety of different poems, finding and writing figurative language, and we will even be able to write our own poetry.  Students will use OneNote to collect their ideas. They can access OneNote at home. Please have students log in and show you the work they have done so far. Homework will not look the same over the next few weeks. Homework will be written in their planner as well as in IC. I am excited to see students creativity!!


Ms. Grubb's History Class

The next couple of weeks will be spent preparing for our trip to Young AmeriTowne!  We are learning about banking, investing, careers and giving back to our community.  This is going to be a field trip to remember, and I can't wait to take your student to Young Ameritowne on March 6th!


Ms. Mercy's Science Class

Over the last couple weeks, we have teamed up with Mrs. Grubb's class to prepare for our trip to Young Ameritowne on March 6th. The students have been working on job applications, picking charities to donate our earnings to, and so much more! Please make sure you have registered your child for the field trip in the School Store on the AA website!


Thank you and we appreciate your support!


~The Fourth Grade Team

 Sarah Anderson, Nicole Grubb, Jean Mercy, Sierra Wren, Tammi Avila