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Grade 4 News

Friday, September 20, 2019


Dear American Academy Parents,

We hope you enjoy the upcoming three-day weekend.  We are looking forward to our professional development day tomorrow to gain more knowledge on how to enhance your student's success at school.



9/20 Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL

9/21 3:30-5:30pm Mother/Son Kickball 

9/27 Dress of Choice Day

10/1 6-8pm Skate City Night

10/2 4-8pm Panera Bread Restaurant Night

10/4 Day of Awesomeness




Note about Classroom Funds from the 4th Grade Room Parents:

You have likely seen communications from the PTO about donating $25/student towards our Classroom Fund. This donation is critical to ensure we have funds available all year to host fun parties and help support our teachers. This year for 4th grade, we are at about 62% of our collection goal.  If you have not yet donated to your classroom funds, please visit My School Bucks.



Please check with your student to make sure they have all the supplies they need.

Headphones are especially important, as they will need them in almost every class and will be using them weekly. If your student does not have a pair of headphones, please purchase a pair of earbuds for them as soon as possible (these are the easiest for them to carry from class to class.

A pocket-size dictionary is also very useful, and will be used often in Literacy class.


GO Math! Online Access

You should now be able to access the GO Math! online platform from home. A log-in information sheet was sent home at Back to School Night or in your student's green folder last Friday. In order to log in, please follow the below steps:

  1. Country: United States
  2. State: COLORADO
  3. District: Private School
  4. School: American Academy Charter Sch, Castle Rock 80108
  • Check the box that says "Remember my School"
  1. User Name: student email address
  2. Password: student ID number


Please note that individual math teachers will be assigning different assignments and skills based on their class's and individual student's needs. If you have any questions regarding the skills or assignments to be accessed online, please contact your student's math teacher.


Please also note that there are four sections of the overall math grade this year:

  • Homework (worth 10% of the overall grade)
  • Assignments (worth 20%)
  • Quizzes (worth 30%)
  • Tests (worth 40%)

As assignments and assessments are turned in and graded, your student's overall grade in Infinite Campus is likely to fluctuate quite a bit. This should not be cause of concern. If, however, you notice a downward trend in your student's grade, please reach out to their math teacher to see what skills they should be practicing at home.


Bulletin Boards

Please follow the link below if you'd like to sign up to help decorate one of our bulletin boards in the coming months.


What's happening in class?



We are very excited to begin using the GO Math! curriculum this year. It will be an adjustment for students, families, and teachers, but we will work together to ensure everyone is learning! Please don't hesitate to reach out to your student's math teacher with any questions.


Ms. Mulligan's Literacy Class

We have started reading Gulliver's Travels and so far the students are really interested in it. We have just finished the first part of the novel and the students are wanting to read more. This week we also started DLI and the students will have a quiz Tuesday 9/10 over nouns and the different sentence types. Every Monday the students will receive the spelling words for the week and have the spelling test on Friday. There will usually be one assignment that will involve the spelling words that will be done in class.


Ms. Regan's Literacy Class

We are about halfway through Gulliver's Travel's, and so far the students seem to be enjoying the many adventures he is on. I am hoping to have the book finished by the end of next week. After that we will be taking some time to watch the 1939 movie version. We will be continuing our study of verbs, and starting our study of adjectives. Students will be using adjectives to make their writing more descriptive and dynamic. Students will then be learning to write narrative stories, before we begin our next in class novel. As you know, I have sent home the information you need to start the 1st trimester book report. Please have your students beginning reading the book you chose.  


Ms. Wren's Literacy Class

We finished Gulliver's Travels and we're ready for our first writing unit! For the next couple of weeks, we will be working on narratives - in the form of children's picture books! We will review many great examples of children's stories as well as the elements of a story (characters, plot, setting, etc.). We'll also take an in-depth look at the writing process - we can't jump straight to illustrating, there are quite a few steps that need to take place first! My hope is that once our books are finished, we can take them down to kindergarten or first grade and share them with our younger students!


Ms. Martinez's History Class

We are now well into our Middle Ages unit and we're having a blast! The students have been studying what daily life was like back then, and I think they all agree that they are glad to be born in the 2000's! We will be starting our in-class castle projects soon. The students went home yesterday with details of the project.  Please have them bring in their labeled bag of supplies by Friday, September 27th so we can get started the following week.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


Ms. Mercy's Science Class 

We are deep into our unit of the Earth. We have gotten so deep that we even completed an activity where we pretended to dig a hole from one side of the Earth to the other. The students have also completed an experiment with sugar cubes to simulate how mountains change over time.


MB Specials Updates:

Please visit the respective links below to see what your child is experiencing in specials programming!










 ~The Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Martinez, Ms. Mercy, Ms. Mulligan, Ms. Regan, and Ms. Wren