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Dear American Academy Parents,


 Good afternoon,



Stone Canyon

The kids had an amazing time at Stone Canyon. It was wonderful watching them persevere, overcome fears and challenge themselves! Keep an eye out for a link in the next couple weeks with some fun photos!




Please join us on October 12th and 13th for parent teacher conferences. Parents please choose only ONE teacher to conference with. Ms. Mitchell will be conferencing on Tuesday the 11th  and Wednesday the 12th as she will unavailable on the 13th.  



Mr. Anderson:


Ms. Bambury:


Ms. Ericson:


Ms. Hein:


Ms. Mitchell:



Just a reminder, teachers have 48 business hours to respond to an email. We are very busy during the day and will respond as soon as we can!


Fall Parties 

The party will be October 31st from 1:30-2:30. Look for an email later with more details!


Grading Policy

Late Work- Late assignments in fourth through fifth grade are marked 10% off if submitted within one school day of the due date and time and 50% off if submitted within two school days of the due date and time. If the assignment is not submitted within two school days of the due date and time, there will be no credit awarded.

Curriculum updates

Literacy- In literacy we have begun our first novel, Mr. Tucket By Gary Paulsen. The students have really enjoyed reading about Francis and the adventure he goes on with Mr. Grimes. We will be focusing on summaries, paraphrasing, character traits, and acrostic poems as we read this novel. Each week everyone will be getting vocabulary and spelling words based on which class your student is in. There will be a spelling/vocabulary test on these words. In Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Hein's class there will be Hake homework on Tuesday and Thursday's along with spelling homework that is given out on Monday and due on Fridays. Please reach out to your child's literacy teacher with any questions. This year we are going to take a different approach with book reports. We will not be completing formal book reports, we will be completing book reviews within class. This will be in an in class assignment that they will not be taking home.


Math- In math we will be finishing up chapter 1 on multiplication, division, and exponents. We will move onto Chapter 2 Dividing Whole Numbers. It is very important for this chapter that students know their multiplication facts. Please be practicing these every night with you child if they are still struggling to remember them.


History- We have just finished up our unit on the major lakes of the world and geography. We all had a great time learning about lakes and making passports to "travel" to all of these major lakes. I know they are just as excited as I am to finally start learning about history instead of just geography and lakes. Starting on the first week of October, we will be jumping into some Mayan history for a week before we start learning about the "Renaissance," which will take us all the way through Fall Break.


Science- We wrapped up our "Nature of Science" unit before Stone Canyon, we are now getting to "Investigate Matter."

They are learning about the four states of matter, particles, atoms, along with getting to do some fun experiments regarding matter. As you go about your days with them ask them questions about the states of matter and what objects you see day to day are what form of matter.



Here are the links to the specials teacher’s classes.  Please open and view to see what your child is working on in specials.


MB Elementary Music News | Mrs. Nelson

MB Elementary PE News | Ms. Bauer

MB Elementary Tech News | Mrs. Brown

MB Elementary Art News | Mr. See





Sincerely Your 5th grade team

Mr. Anderson

Ms. Bambury

Ms. Ericson

Ms. Hein

Ms. Mitchell



Upcoming Events   


Sept. 30

Parents Night out

October 3

Count Day

October 12

60 minute late start

October 12-13

Parent Teacher Conferences

October 14

Professional Development (No Kids)

October 17-21

Fall Break

October 31

Fall Party








For more event dates, please visit the Event Calendar on For questions or concerns about an event date, please contact Michele Quintana.