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Elementary (K-5) P. E.

Unit 4: November 18 - December 19
Kindergarten and First Grade:
Can you think of anyways that science can affect physical activity? This unit we are learning all about control and physics through dribbling and passing basketballs. We will be exploring Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion while trying to control how to dribble our basketballs to different levels, through space and in small group games. 
Second and Third Grade:
This unit we are exploring three areas of basketball. First we will focus on mastering our stationary dribble while enhancing skills of dribbling through space with small group games. Next we will work on mastering two types of passing in basketball with partners. Lastly we will explore the fundamentals of how to shoot a basketball.
Fourth and Fifth Grade:
This unit we focusing on three areas of basketball. Most of our time will be spent on the fundamentals of shooting a basketball after we speed through dribbling and passing. We will also explore sportsmanship and offensive/defensive strategies through small sided games.