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Elementary (K-5) P. E.


Field Day Is Coming!!!


The year is coming to an end which means Field Day is just around the corner. This year’s Field Day is on May 23, the last day of school! Like last year, this years field day will be an all day event for grades 1-5. Kindergartners will be spending half of the day participating in Field Day and half in their homerooms. This years Field Day will incorporate Firefighter Appreciation Day. Students will be given t-shirts to wear on Field Day to in honor of the incredible firefighters that risk their lives to better ours.

Your student(s) can expect to find some familiar stations like last years face painting and temporary colored hair spray paint, as well as some new stations like STEM. Since we will be outside for most of the day, please make sure to send your student(s) to school wearing sunscreen and with a water bottle. Other highlights include a water station, field game station and firefighter station. If you have specific questions regarding any events please contact Ms. Matthews (

Running a successful field day requires a lot of planning and help from VOLUNTEERS. If you would like to help by donating supplies for this years Field Day click here, if you would like to help by volunteering and running an activity for part of the day click here. We appreciate all of YOUR help to make this event a successful event for all students at American Academy. Like last year if you are not volunteering we ask that you please stay behind the flagged rope to ensure all students can find enjoyment during Field Day.


UNIT 8: 4/8/19 - 5/3/19
Due to the weather in March and April this unit will be flip flopped with Unit 7 depending on when your student(s) come to PE. Rotation 1 and 2 (4/8-4/19) will be following curriculum from Unit 8 below while Rotation 3 and 4 (4/22-5/3) will be doing curriculum from Unit 7. 
Do you have a favorite food, maybe a favorite pair of shoes, or a shirt that fits just right? In PE students also have favorites, they are usually always games. This unit we will be playing some new and some old games that students enjoy. All games introduce and explore different types of strategy and team building. Games included in this unit are: battleship, capture the jewels, crazy kickball and 5 pin knock down. 
Unit 7
Jump Around!
Jump Around!
Jump up, jump up and get down!
You guessed it...this unit is all about jumping! We will start with how to jump and land properly to make sure our bones and joints stay safe. We will play Hoop, Hop, Showdown the jumping rock-paper-scissors game that took over the internet late last year. Next we will enter jumping and landing with jump ropes. Focusing on hand-eye-foot coordination and balance. By the end of the unit we may turn into Kangaroos with all this jumping. 
3-5: Have you been staying active throughout the school year? This unit we will be putting our fitness to the test with post-fitness testing. We will be taking all three fitness tests that we took at the beginning of the year watching our improvements soar. This includes the mile run, cross your fingers for warm weather!