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Grade 3 News


Friday, March 15, 2019

Dear Third Grade Parents,

We hope that you enjoyed the back-to-back snow days. Thank you to all that donated to our little spring break party. When we return from spring break the kids will be getting ready to take their CMAS test in April. We hope you have a wonderful break with your families.


Upcoming Dates

3/16-3/24 - Spring Break (No school)

3/30 - Spring Soiree


Summer Camps

Start Making Plans for Summer Camp - registration is now open!
Mrs. Weil and Mrs. Harris are leading the Mosaic Camp (6/3-6/7)!  Students will work together to create mosaic topped tables for the front entrance, as well as their own projects to take home.  Students will learn how to place tiles to make a design and grout their pieces.
We hope your kids can join us for one or more of the fun camps hosted by American Academy teachers and staff. There are many great options, and some camps even start the first week of summer break.
For more details and information about current summer camp offerings, visit the American Academy Summer Camp page (info is on the main website, under quick links >> parents >> summer camps).
Please note: ANY American Academy student can attend ANY of the summer camps listed, regardless of where the camp is being held. i.e. If your CP student wants to attend a camp being held at LM, simply log into your school store account but click on the other campus school store; all their camps will be listed under the Summer Camps tab. If you have questions, please email Catrina Phillips.


Yearbooks - Still on Sale!

Yearbooks are still on sale through April 1st! The cost of each yearbook is $20. This year, we are again offering 2 customized pages at no additional cost. To order yearbooks and create customized pages:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter our school’s passcode: 1014323184062819

Don’t delay and order today!


CMAS Practice Test

With CMAS quickly approaching (4/9/19), we would like to provide you all with the practice test link.  We will be practicing the three 3rd grade math and literacy tests in school; however, if your student would like to practice more (maybe 4th grade math or redo the practice tests we have already done), they can.  All CMAS practice tests can be found here.


After spring break, I am looking for various "things" for three pre-CMAS science experiments. Here is the sign-up genius if you are willing to donate. If you have questions, feel free to email me-
Darwin is almost out of cricket funds, so if you are willing and able to donate gift cards to PetSmart or Parker Exotic Pets, I would be super grateful! Thank you to those who have already donated and thank you in advance for anyone willing to donate.



We are finishing up our Explorer Unit by completing an 8-10 sentence paragraph and a timeline after spring break. The final paragraph will be due on Thursday, March 28. This paragraph will be completed from the 2 column notes that we worked on during class. There will not be time in class to complete this paragraph. The timeline will be completed in class after spring break.



In literacy, we will be reading Wind in the Willows and discussing what the story is about.  We will also be reading and writing poetry. We will be practicing for our CMAS test that is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Our grammar focus will be on a range of things like commas, homophones, and formulating complete sentences.  We will be sending out the 3rd trimester book reports after we get back from Spring Break.


Math (Harris)

Suggested IXL work this week: Division (4th, 5th or 6th grade appropriate work).  If you search just division on IXL, then scroll over the standards, you will see examples of the kinds of questions they need to practice.  If you put "division with remainder" or "long division" you actually don't find these skills.  If you type "division" and look around, you will see many options for long division, long division with money, etc.

Math (Hurley)

We are now fluidly practicing multiplication and division each day during math. In order to best support your student, please provide daily opportunities for them to practice multiplication at home. Some websites that are helpful for fact practice include: IXL, Fact Monster, and Reflex math.

Math (Wambold)

In math we continue to learn concepts of multiples, factors, decimals, long division, fraction, and multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit. Please have your student continue to work on IXL concepts of multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

Math (Mitchell)

In math we will continue working on multiplication, division, decimals, fractions and 3 digit by 1 digit.  Please have students practice their math facts and they can also do activities on IXL.  We will have a math test a couple of days after Spring break, since we had a couple of snow days this past week.

Thank you,

The Third Grade Team