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Grade 3 News

Friday, December 14th, 2018

Dear Third Grade Parents,

Hard to believe we only have one more week until Winter break.  We do still have some great learning to do during the next week, so please try to make sure your student is in school all the way through until break.


Upcoming Dates

12/20 - Winter Party (2:00-3:20 PM)
12/21 - 1/8 - Winter Break



We are having our 3rd grade winter party on Thursday from 2:00-3:20PM.  We will have activities in each classroom, including a cookie decorating room.  Our room parents will be providing us with nut-free and gluten-free options.  As well, we will have various nut-free and dairy-free decorating options.  If your student has a food allergy, feel free to reach out to their homeroom teacher and we can figure out if either what we will have is acceptable or another game plan.


Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.) Wednesday, January 9, 2019

We will honor our law enforcement friends and family by providing lunch for our local officers and recognizing all they do to keep our staff, students, and families safe.
Orders can be placed through Sunday, December 16, 2018 and will be delivered to your respective American Academy campus on January 8th.
Part of the proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt benefit the Fallen Officer Fund.
Thank you for helping American Academy "Backs the Blue!"



Between now and Winter break, we will be finishing up our short Magnetism mini-unit.  Next Thursday, we will be turning screw drivers into electromagnets, so keep an ear out for their stories.



After conferring with the literacy teachers, the team has decided to postpone the speech project since writing benchmarks are taking place.  Next week, we will be finishing up our Rome unit.



In literacy, we are going to have a week of hands-on review! Students will review parts of speech, proper sentence formation, Spalding rules, and cause and effect through a variety of holiday-themed centers. Students will not have any Spelling City homework over the break.

Math (Harris)

You may have noticed, I have started taking a grade for their 30 minutes of IXL a week.  This time is very important in helping to not only build their math skills but also build their independence and self-awareness.  I do suggest topics; however, I really encourage students to think reflectively about what math skills they need to work on.  To do so, they should be jotting down notes after tests, homework, etc. about what topics they are still struggling with, so they know what to search on IXL.  This week, I have suggested students search anything to do with "Simplifying Fractions" or "Division" on IXL.

As well, students have taken their iReady Assessment and can start doing iReady math daily.  If you students has finished all math homework in school, I would highly suggest you take that added time at home to put them on either iReady or IXL each night.  This individualized online support is incredibly beneficial for your kiddo.

Math (Hurley)

Now that we have learned our multiplication facts, students are showing some gaps. We will be spending a little extra time to reinforce specific multiplication facts during class, but please also encourage at home practice. A strong fact foundation is so crucial for our long-term success.

Math (Wambold)

We are taking a multiplication test over 7's on Wednesday. Please continue to have your students practice on IXL multiplication concepts, missing numbers in subtraction problems, fractions, elapsed time, and mixed numbers on a number line. I have starred key concepts on IXL that your student can be working on for extra practice.

Math (Mitchell)

We are working on many new concepts over the next week.  We will be working on reading fractions on number lines, mixed fractions, measuring, and multiplication.  I will be having them do a math vocabulary test before break along with a benchmark test to see how much our students have grown this first half of the year.  So please when your kids get on IXL have them start focusing on fractions, mixed fractions, square roots, and multiplication facts.  Thank you and have a great week.

Thank you,

The Third Grade Team