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Grade 3 News

Dear Third  Grade Parents

We are gearing up for the last week of school and excitement is in the air for summer break! :) We are looking forward to spending four more days with your kiddos, sharing time signing yearbooks, enjoying snow cones, and participating at the field day! As a third grade team, we would like to say what a wonderful year it has been teaching and interacting with your student! We look forward to seeing them as 4th graders next year! Have a wonderful and relaxing summer.

Upcoming Dates
5/20 Rebel Bucks Party and yearbook signing
5/21 Snow Cone Party
5/23 Field Day, end of grading period, and last day of school
Snow Cone Party
On Tuesday, May 21, the third graders will be treated to a snow cone party. This is a surprise! There will be gluten free options and the dye is allergy free, too.
Field Day
The year is coming to an end which means Field Day is just around the corner. This year’s Field Day is on May 23, the last day of school! Like last year, this year's field day will be an all-day event for grades 1-5. Kindergarteners will be spending half of the day participating in Field Day and half in their homerooms. This year's Field Day will incorporate Firefighter Appreciation Day. Students will be given t-shirts to wear on Field Day to in honor of the incredible firefighters that risk their lives to better ours.

Your student(s) can expect to find some familiar stations like last year's face painting and temporary colored hair spray paint, as well as some new stations like STEM. Since we will be outside for most of the day, please make sure to send your student(s) to school wearing sunscreen and with a water bottle. Other highlights include a water station, field game station and firefighter station. If you have specific questions regarding any events please contact Ms. Matthews

Running a successful field day requires a lot of planning and help from VOLUNTEERS. If you would like to help by donating supplies or volunteering for this year's Field Day, please visit Ms. Matthews website page to find the links to sign up. We appreciate all of YOUR help to make this event a successful for all students at American Academy MB. Like last year if you are not volunteering we ask that you please stay behind the flagged rope to ensure all students can find enjoyment during Field Day.
Don't forget, May 22nd is our outer space museum. Please come by during your student's science block time:

Block 1  9:40-10:20
Block 2  10:40-11:20
Block 3  1:15-1:50
Block 4  2:10-2:50

I would also like to take this time to say thank you! As some may know, I will not be returning next year. This is not because I don't love AA. In fact, you all have made me feel so at home here. I have thoroughly loved meeting your kiddos. I also plan on keeping my kiddos here. Sometimes life calls you in another direction and you have to listen. With this being said, thank you for your endless support, friendships and general awesomeness.

We have finished up our economic packets and have had insightful discussions on how economics affect our lives, community, states, country, and the world. We will finish up this year in history with a colonial STEM activity. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the kids this year and wish them the best next year in 4th grade!

In literacy, students will be finishing up their novel studies. We will also be playing some fun review games to wrap up the trimester.

In related literacy news, Mrs. Hurley will be moving down the hall to teach first grade. Teaching third has been a blast, and I feel so thankful to have had spent this year teaching your kiddos.

Math (Harris)
No more IXL! I can almost hear you parents cheering from here.

Math (Hurley)
For our final week of math, students will be practicing multiplication and division through review activities.
Math (Wambold)
In math, we will be working on angles, decimals, sales tax, and multiplying by 2 digit numbers on our final week!

Math (Mitchell)
In math, we will be working on our multiplication and division through different activities.

Thank you,
The Third Grade Team