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Year Overview

Science Units
Landforms - Intro Unit
Earth Science - weather vs. climate, hazardous weather, weather tools, water cycle
Physical Science - force and motion, electricity and magnetism
Life Science - life cycles and ecosystems, survival and extinction
History Units
World Geography
World Rivers
Ancient Rome
Earliest Americans
Explorers of North America
The Thirteen Colonies
Literacy Big Idea/Concepts
Novels - Wind in the Willows, Stone Fox, Alice in Wonderland, Pollyanna, and other novels to support narrative, informative and informative narrative elements.
Writing - business letters, persuasive letters, friendly letters, compare and contrast essays, mysteries, poetry, and 3rd person informative essays
Grammar - alphabetical order, conventions, parts of speech, punctuation, tense agreement, and contractions
Cursive Writing is also taught in 3rd grade.