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Grade 1 News

Friday, August 27, 2021




Dear American Academy Parents,


What another exciting week in First Grade! Everyone has worked so hard this week on all their Beginning of the year testing and did very well. Read below for important information.
PG Permission Forms
Please look in your child’s red folder for the PG permission form to sign and return to your homeroom teacher. Periodically throughout the year we watch PG films that illuminate our history, science or literacy curriculum and need your permission to show these to your students.
Kickboard Calendar
You will notice that your student will be coming home with a current calendar that has been colored by your student. It is a visual way to check in with your student every day to see how they did as far as their behavior goes. The colors are explained on the bottom of the calendar. Details concerning your child’s behavior will be in Kickboard for you to view and discuss with your child.
Week at A Glance
Starting this week, we will be sending home a Week at a Glance form to let you know the focus of our reading classes and specific spelling words that your students will be tested on in literacy for the following week. You are encouraged to practice these at home. You will also be able to find these same words in Raz Kids under the Vocabulary Planet rocket.
Math Homework
On the week of September 20 we will begin to send Math homework home for you to look over, discuss with your student and then sign with your initials. It is a wonderful time to go over the math concepts your child is learning!

Upcoming Events
Sept 6 No School- Labor Day
Sept 15 1st Grade Back to School Night
Sept 24 No School- Professional Development for Teachers
For more event dates, please visit the Event Calendar on For questions or concerns about an event date, please contact Michele Quintana.
Thank you for your continued support and partnership we are looking forward to a fantastic year!


The First Grade Team,


Brittnie Pearson, Jorie Pumphrey, Catherine Moody, Amber Marion, Jessica LeClair, Katie Vining