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Grade 1 News

 Friday, February 21, 2020

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Dear American Academy Parents,


We had so much fun this week with seeing all the interesting 100-day collections; playing 100 activities and games and seeing those adorable, “old” first graders walking into class complete with canes, pearls, glasses, wrinkles and gray hair. It made for a fun way to start the week! We also had a great time taste testing the different cakes for our STEM unit. You will have to ask your child which one was their favorite!
Just as a reminder that our STEM unit will be ending on March 3 and we will be going back to our normal schedule.
Another friendly reminder that we will be back to wearing our uniforms starting on Monday. Refer to the uniform policy when it comes to bracelets, jewelry, shoes, etc as we have seen a lot of extras and colors that are not approved.
Curriculum Focus
Our math lessons have moved from finding relationships between addition and subtraction facts to comparing numbers (greater than, less than) and knowing place value of ones, tens and hundreds.
In literacy, we are getting our sentences locked down and moving into paragraphs to help tell a story. Our goal is to provide our readers with enough detail to help put a picture in their mind as they read, but also deliver a nice flow as they move through the beginning, middle and end of our story.
Our science unit started this week with discovering the camouflage of animals and learning how their habitats and special features help them survive.
Upcoming Events
Feb 24 Start of Trimester 3
March 3 Last Day of STEM
March 10 Late Start for Staff Training

For more event dates, please visit the Event Calendar on For questions or concerns about an event date, please contact Michele Quintana.



Enjoy the weekend and thank you for your continued support!


The First Grade Team,


Jorie Pumphrey, Amber Marion, Brittnie Pearson and Catherine Moody