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Welcome To Visual Arts

Art Show Season is Here!

Hello art geniuses!  Ready for the big Art Show this year?  Now that it's trimester 3, it's time to think about your submission for A.C.E, that is, the "Artists' Choice Exhibition."  Every year, we finish the school year with a huge art and creativity celebration in the first floor hallway and gymnasium at Motsenbocker.  This year, the A.C.E. show Opening Night even is on Tuesday, April 30th, from 5:30 to 8:30pm.  Not only will there be visual art -- there's also a Book Swap event happening in the Library, food and refreshments, a Variety Show in the gym, a costume party, a student video project movie theater, and a black light art exhibit in Mr. See's class.  It's going to seriously rock.
So how do submissions work?  Each of Mr. See's K5 art geniuses is required to submit something to A.C.E. as their final assignment of the school year.  The show is called "Artists' Choice Exhibition" because it's up to each individual artist to choose their personal favorite and personal best work of the year.  Artworks can come from art class, an art club, or even from home.  There are only two requirements: 1) Mr. See needs to approve that the artwork is ready to show, and 2) it needs to have been completed later than last year's art show (May 1st, 2018).  Submissions have been going on for a couple months informally already.  But now we're going to kick it up a notch and double-check that everyone has something submitted by the deadline, Thursday, April 25th.
Middle school artworks are also welcome!  Mr. See and Mr. Riggs will be working together to make sure this year's show is a smash hit for both elementary and middle school art communities.  Please consult with Mr. Riggs, the middle school art teacher, to get specific information about how middle school artwork submissions work.
We'll be hanging the show on Friday, April 26th.  And we'll need lots of volunteers -- stay tuned for an online signup and more fun Art Show information coming soon!  
A panel of student artwork from a past all-school art show