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Welcome To Visual Arts

How does Original Works Work?
American Academy's yearly fundraiser for the Visual Arts department is back!  Things will work a little different this year, as Original Works has upgraded a key point of the process.  Whether you've participated in this fundraiser for years or it's your first time, read on to see how we're upping the game to celebrate student creativity this year!
An Original Works fundraiser graphic featuring the artworks of students from American Academy
Original Works is an organization that allows families to purchase items featuring high quality scans of their kids' artworks.  Coffee mugs, sketchbooks, magnets, mousepads -- the list goes on!  A portion of the funds raised will go to the American Academy Visual Arts budget.  These funds end up covering the vast majority of the supplies we use in class for student artworks.  The funds also help us add a little sparkle by investing in extras such as a our yearly fifth grade canvas painting project, or our UV-light art activities in Mr. See's room.
For grades K though 5, we will wrap up creation of the artworks and ship them to Original Works in New York state around early October.  Shortly after Fall Break, the artworks will arrive back home, but with a custom brochure for each family featuring high-quality images of their student's artwork!  This new feature really helps us picture which products we might be interested in.  And Mr. See will display the recently arrived artworks throughout the first floor hallways so that every K-5 art students can start the school year seeing their work celebrated.  Families can then place orders using a system that Mr. See will roll out in October.  And the gifts will arrive at Motsenbocker on time for the holidays!
And please note, the timeline for Original works will differ somewhat at our other two campuses, Lincoln Meadows and Castle Pines.  So, for specifics at you own campus, be sure to touch base with the elementary Visual Arts teacher there.  But don't worry -- everyone will get the chance to celebrate student artworks and support the Visual Arts department through this exciting program!  Please reach out to Mr. See if you have any questions (
Welcome Back to Art with Mr. See!
We have a new theme in the art room for the 21-22 school year: limitless imagination.  When students enter their art class, they momentarily leave the world behind and enter a realm of pure imagination.  Students are invited to explore an inner world of wonder and share their marvelous discoveries through visual creativity.  Our only limits our the art materials we use.  But Mr. See will help each student at their own level to gain new skills in various media and techniques in order to express themselves for all to enjoy.
To get everyone inspired before they even set foot in class, we already have a big art show on display!  Reproductions of artworks made at home last years adorn the first floor at Motsenbocker.  Several of our bulletin boards also display artworks around various fun themes.  If your are unable to view the artwork, check out the images below to get a feel for just how amazing our young artists are!
A board displaying district art show selections from last school year, grades K through 5
A board displaying artworks inspired by the Mars Perseverance mission, grades K through 5
A board displaying artworks inspired by art history, grades K through 5