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Welcome To Visual Arts

Visual Art Fun for the End of the School Year
Can you believe the school year is over already?  The K5 artists at Motsenbocker have made some amazing artworks, many of which having been displayed in the hallways over the course of the school year.  Please keep your eyes open for artworks coming home in your art genius' backpack.  And if you would like to sign up for a conference to discuss your artist's growth in Mr. See's class this year, please click this link and follow the directions there.  Art class conferences coincide with Trimester 3 Elementary conferences on May 5th and 6th.
The 2021 Remote Artists' Masterpiece Show!
The school year may be over but the art show is just getting started!  As a way to celebrate our entire school community, including the amazing artists who worked remotely this school year, we have one last special art exhibition to announce.  Leading up to Summer Break, we will be displaying more and more high quality prints of remote artists' masterpieces throughout the first floor hallway at Motsenbocker.  These images will remain on display through the first weeks of the 2021-22 school year as a reminder of all the hard work everyone has done to persevere through a challenging time.  These artworks are truly inspiring -- don't miss them!  See a few examples here.
An elementary school student's detailed color pencil rendition of Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring"
An elementary school student's intricate mandala drawing, a symmetrical and highly detailed circular design
An elementary school student's realistic color pencil drawing of a strawberr
An elementary school student's brightly colorful drawing of a butterfly in stained glass art style
An elementary school student's drawing of a flower pot, using intricate patterns to decorate it with color pencil
An elementary school student's brightly colorful landscape drawing of mountains, flowers, and a stream