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Welcome To Visual Arts

A New Year of K-5 Art!
We are off to an amazing start this school year.  Students are already making wonderful progress on a variety of artworks.  Each week in Mr. See's class, we offer a new multi-day project inspired by Art History and the Elements and Principles of Art (see below).  Students who finish graded work early also have ample opportunities to explore artworks of their own artistic designs and interests.  Students have access to both wet and dry media every day in the art room.
Original Works: Our First Big Project of the Year
K-5 artists are always excited to hear that their first project of the year is going to New York!  Following a structured, step-by-step lesson, students create traditionally beloved designs that look awesome on Original Works products.  Each school year, we mail these artworks to Original Works, a company that helps us run an art department fundraiser.  Families have the opportunity to purchase products featuring their kids' masterpieces!  And the funds go towards a greater variety of art materials in the K-5 art room.
At the moment, we are still working on the artworks themselves.  But stay tuned!  Soon, we will send home information on how to participate in this special program.
An image showcasing products that feature reproductions of student artworks -- there's a coffee mug, a tote bag, a keychain, and a nightlight, all featuring artworks made by AA students!   
Mr. See's Featured Artist Program
Do your kids make TONS of artworks at home?  Email images of these masterpieces to Mr. See, or send some to school to show off to your kids' K-5 art teacher, to earn some fun, free, extra art opportunities at school.  Later this trimester, Mr. See will offer hallway bulletin board space to showcase artworks students have been making at home.  And students can occasionally earn extra "art studio" time during their study hall periods if they have shown Mr. See a serious dedication to their personal art style growth outside of class.   Email Mr. See for more info: [email protected].
A flier advertising Mr. See's featured artist program.  If your kiddo makes lots of art at home, email Mr. See to inquire about some free opportunities:
Conferences are Coming Soon Too...
Would you like to meet up with Mr. See to discuss your artists' creative growth this school year?  Click this scheduling link and select a time that works best for you.  You'll have the option of meeting in-person or virtually.  Please touch base with Mr. See via email if you have any questions or need help with the online signup ([email protected]).
The Elements and Principles of Art
From Kindergarten through 5th grade, Mr. See's art students learn and practice using foundational art skills and ideas that build upon another year-to-year.  Besides finding inspiration in historic and contemporary art movements, we refer to the below Elements and Principles poster as a guide for how to move from basic to more advanced art-making ideas.  See the Elementary Art (K-5) link to read more on exactly what your student is working on in art right now.
A poster detailing the elements and principles of design.  Elements include visual building blocks like color, line, and texture.  Principles include design strategies like symmetry, emphasis, and contrast.