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Welcome To Visual Arts

January 9, 2019
Happy New Year of Art-Making
With clay and art show season just around the corner, 2019 is sure to be a big hit for Visual Arts at American Academy.  As we get into the new year, here are a few reminders about fun and exciting things going on around the arts at our school:
- "Sketch Boom" is a free extra-curricular art-making time available to students who regularly create their own artwork outside of school.  It takes place during study halls on Wednesdays and Fridays in Mr. See's room.  Students who are interested should bring their personal sketchbooks to Mr. See for a couple informal critique sessions before receiving more information.
Clay Month is coming to Mr. See's art room from January 28th through February 22nd.  Definitely make sure your art genius is prepped to be extra tidy and focused during this potentially messy but very rewarding art unit.
- "Art Style Workshop" is a new after-school art club with Mr. See!  It's starts soon (Monday, January 14th) so sign up quick if you're interested or email Mr. See ( for more info.
A flier showing diverse art styles advertising Mr. See's new art-style-workshop after school club.  Every Monday, 1/14 through 4/22, 4-5:15pm.  All ages welcome.  More info on school store.
December 1, 2018
Original Works, A Library Mural, and More!
Our first Trimester of Art this year has been a huge success.  This year's art fundraiser went wonderfully.  Here's another big "thank you" to everyone who participated.  The products were sent home this past Friday, except for late orders, which are still on the way.  If you have any issues with your order, please email Mr. See and we'll fix it right away (  The products and, more importantly, the students' artworks look amazing!  Check out the image below for just a couple examples.
You'll also see our recently completed, cheerful mural adorning the Library at Motsenbocker!  Mr. See and our librarian, Ms. Bunyak, collaborated to design and create this colorful celebration of reading and school spirit.  If haven't seen it in person yet, definitely come check it out.
And while you're on campus, come by to volunteer in Mr. See's classroom!  Parents are always welcome in Art class to share in the creative adventures we have every day.  That goes especially for the new Trimester.  Mr. See's got some very exciting new projects in the works.  Don't miss out on the fun!  Click the "Elementary Art" link on the right to see descriptions our our current unit in Art.  Email if you're interested in volunteering.  And, as always, stay creative!
Mr. See with new Original Works products and our new Library mural