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Welcome To Visual Arts

Motsenbocker Elementary Art Conferences
Now that the school year is under way, would you like to meet with Mr. See to discuss your art genius' work?  If so, visit this Art Conferences signup link, where you can select a 15 minute timeslot on October 7th or 8th.  Meetings will be held virtually.  More information about how to connect will be sent out individually to anyone that signs up.
A New Year of Art and Creativity
What the world needs now is Art!  Whether you're learning remotely or in-person, Mr. See and the whole American Academy K-5 Art Team has some amazing artistic learning experiences in store for you.  Visit the "Elementary Art (K-5)" page here to explore some of the specific Art-learning themes your Motsenbocker art genius will be exploring with Mr. See this Year.
A fifth grader's super detailed drawing of a butterfly on a cat's nose
Theme for the Year: "Limited Palette"
To uphold Covid19 health and safety precautions, we will not be using any porous art supplies in Mr. See's art room, thus avoiding the spreading of germs wherever possible.  This means no clay, color pencils, pastels, or crayons.  And while this might come across initially as a gigantic bummer, as artists, we have creative freedom to interpret things a bit differently...
Behold the power of a limited palette!  Whether for necessity, by choice, or both, artists for generations have been using limited sets of art supplies in order to make an extra strong visual statement.  Whether it's by focusing your color choices or cleverly combining different materials and textures, using a limited palette can add a special power to your artwork.
For remote learners, the palette will consist of items already at home.  While this should certainly include traditional supplies such as paint and color pencil, other exciting options remain.  Try to be extra resourceful, perhaps by painting with coffee or food coloring, or creating collages with post-it notes or other colorful scraps at home .  You might just inadvertently stumble upon your new favorite medium!
For in-person learners, Mr. See's Art Room palette will consist mostly of permanent marker, watercolor, and marker.  However, there are a few other fun surprises in store for special projects.  For example, ink, metal working, and acrylic painting my loom on the horizon of Art Class surprises.
Enjoy this sampling of student artworks made by both in-person and remote learners.  All of the used the same palette described above.  And all are total masterpieces.
A fifth grader's super detailed pencil drawing of a fox
A fourth grade artist's beautiful, detailed drawing of word art with an elaborate border
A third grader's gorgeous realistic marker drawing of a peach
A second grader's skillful drawing of an architecture design
A first grader's excellent symmetrical acrylic painting of a butterfly
A kindergartener's amazing drawing of a smiling fish
Keeping Your Artworks Safe
Mr. See is planning to hold onto most K-5 artworks that are in his room until students are back in the building.  The reason for this plan is twofold: 1) most of these artworks were submitted for an art show which is still to come, and 2) the rest are ceramics and thus quite fragile.  Sending home the ceramic artworks in student check-out bags involves risking that some of the artwork breaks.  So, we'll keep your sculptures safe at school for now.  And, as for the art show, although we were not able to have A.C.E. this year ("Artists' Choice Exhibition," our big year-end art show), Mr. See is still planning to display these masterpieces as soon as he can, so stay tuned.
Unless you have already corresponded with Mr. See about sending home a specific item left in the Motsenbocker art room, know that your work will be kept safe until we get the chance to hand it back in person.  Feel free to email with any thoughts or questions (  
Reflecting on a Strange but Productive Year of Art Making
Although we are not together right now, we still cannot forget to celebrate all the amazing art made at Motsenbocker this year!  Mr. See has created a series of videos to showcase some our amazing masterpieces, many of which having been made at home during remote learning.  We also have below a very special video about last year's big art show event, made to inspire hope for more such events to come in the future.  Hats off to you, artists, who have persevered through these trying times to keep our community full of lovely artworks. 
Motsenbocker Video Art Show Part 1
Motsenbocker Video Art Show Part 2
ACE 2019 Video