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Welcome To Visual Arts

Original Works is Taking Off!
Welcome back, everyone!  Here's hoping your Fall Break was amazing.  Here in the art department, we're hitting the ground running.  As of today, all Original Works materials have been sent home!  The deadline for turning in orders is Thursday, October 31st (Halloween!).  If you are missing any materials, please reach out to Mr. See ASAP (  Soon, there will be extra fundraiser materials available at the front office, which is the preferred location for turning in Original Works orders.  The more fun method, however, would arguably be to turn in your order by dropping it into Mr. See's rocket ship in the hallway.  Oh, you didn't know that Mr. See has a new rocket ship?  Well, read on to past Original Works updates below and enjoy!  And thanks so much for supporting the arts at our amazing school.
A flier containing all necessary info for participating in the Original Works Fundraiser: families can buy products featuring reproductions of their students' artworks.  The deadline for turning in orders is Thursday, October 31st.  There's a homeroom contest for KindiePrep, Elementary, and Middle School.  The homeroom with the most orders wins a fun hangout with Mr. See.  Please email him for more info (
Original Works is back at Motsenbocker!
The big art fundraiser has arrived!  If you're new to Original Works, please read on below, as last month's post explains everything.  Last month's post also explains how parent-teacher conferences will work for Mr. See this year, so check that out if you're interested.  There's also an especially exciting home room competition going on.  KindiePrep, Elementary, and Middle School each has their own contest to win a super fun hangout with Mr. See!  See details below.
Mr See posing in front of his fundraiser hallway display, which includes a big cardboard rocket ship that students can put their orders inside.  Orders can also be turned in at the front office.  Deadline is Thursday, October 31st (Halloween).
Mr. See's rocket ship is taking off on Halloween!  That is to say, the deadine for Original Works is Thursday, October 31st.  Orders can be turned in at the front office or placed inside the AAMB rocket ship!.  Because AAMB is expanding to get the whole school involved this year, logistics for Original Works vary a little bit, depending on whether you're in KindiePrep, Elementary, or Middle School:
  • For KindiePrep students, materials have already started coming home and should be all sent out by Fall Break.  Please turn in orders at the KindiePrep front desk.
  • For Elementary, we are currently finishing up art projects for Original Works.  Materials will all come home on Monday, October 21st.  That is, of course, unless you're in fifth grade.  Since the elementary upperclassmen will be away on outdoor ed., fifth graders get their materials home early.  Most get their materials on Wednesday, October 9th.  Ms. Ericson's class will take home their materials right after they finish their work on Thursday, October 10th.
  • And Middle School materials are coming home on Wednesday, October 9th.  Each Middle School information packet includes two pieces of high-quality, blank card stock so that artists get a couple of tries at creating their masterpiece.  There's also a letter detailing the specifications requested by Original Works in order to make sure artworks scan correctly.  So please keep an eye on those guidelines.
Additionally, in order to encourage Middle School to re-engage with the exciting world of Original Works, each Middle School student that participates will be entered into a drawing to win ice cream (or a dessert of your choice) out with your family and Mr. See.  This year's fundraiser is sure to be the most fun yet.  Please email Mr. See with any questions or suggestions (
A graphic showing Mr. See offering ice cream to the viewer.  Caption reads "Every Middle School student that buys something from Original Works will be entered to win ice cream out with their family and Mr. See."  Deadline to turn in orders is Thursday, October 31st (Halloween).  Email Mr. See for more info:
Art Teacher Conference Times
Would you like to hang out and chat about your K5art genius' progress in Mr. See's class?  Come on by during Elementary conferences on Wednesday, October 9th, or Thursday, October 10th.  Mr. See will be available from 4:45pm to 7:00pm both nights.  And he'll have some student artworks on display on the board too!  Come check out our amazing artists' creations.
Get Ready for Original Works!
Would you like to see your K5, KindiePrep, or Middle School art genius' creations emblazoned on a coffee mug?  A tee shirt?  A sketchbook, nightlight, pillowcase, or more?  Each Autumn, Original Works gives us the chance to purchase these amazing products while greatly supporting the American Academy Visual Arts Department in the process. These products always look amazing and they arrive in time to make great holiday season gifts.
An image sporting the Original Works logo with products emblazoned with artworks by American Academy students.  Products include a tee shirt, a mug, a keychain, and a nightlight.
We also have a big goal in mind this year: reach $10,000 so that Mr. See can upgrade his black-light art days and the GLOW SHOW.  The American Academy Visual Arts Department keeps 30% of all funds brought in.  Reaching $10,000 will guarantee over $3,000 of funds for our art supplies this year.  Besides needing very expensive ceramics and fine art painting materials, Mr. See would like to install remote controlled window shades in his room, allowing for his black-lights to work much better than they do now with so much light coming through the blinds.  Then, every Friday in art class, Mr. See can have students make black-light art!  And this black-light art will be displayed at the end of the school year during the GLOW SHOW!
Iin order to help the whole school get involved with this fun opportunity, there will be homeroom contests: one for KindiePrep, one for Elementary, and one for Middle School.  The homeroom with the most orders will have a silly-voice book reading in the library with Mr. See and his favorite picture books (including some of his own!).
A photo of Mr. See holding two of his illustrated picture books: "What is An Elephant?" and his comic, "Mr. Stego."
Materials come home on October 21st, the first Monday back from Fall Break. The deadline for bringing in orders will be Thursday, October 31st, Halloween!  Mr. See's elementary art geniuses will spend the rest of September and all of October up until Fall Break creating artworks that perfectly fit the submission requirements of Original Works.  These masterpieces will come home with fundraiser materials.  KindiePrep artists will have the opportunity to submit artworks made in class.  And middle school artists can create their own artworks at home using art paper sent by Original Works.
Thanks for your interest in supporting the arts at our amazing school.  If you'd like more information, please email Mr. See (