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Welcome To Visual Arts

Thank you for an AMAZING Art Show and a GREAT School Year
Our big year-end art show at Motsenbocker was positively a smash hit.  Visitors enjoyed a wide diversity of art, including 2D fine art, 3D ceramics, crafts, student-made comics, black-light art, a fingerboard park covered in student street art designs, live performances, student rock bands, and more!  Artworks on display represented students all ages, from KindiePrep to 8th grade.  We also enjoyed another super fun collaboration with our awesome librarian, Ms. Bunyak, who ran BOOK SWAP on the same night in the Library.
We have had a great 2021-22 school year in Art Class.  Our students' work never ceases to amaze!  Keep up the lovely creativity this summer, my friends!  - Mr. See
An art show poster displayed next to an 8th grader's detailed drawing of Mona Lisa but with a parodied design referencing skateboarding culture  
Mr. See's BIG ART SHOW at Motsenbocker BACK!
On Tuesday, May 10th, from 5 to 8pm, we've got Motsenbocker's biggest art party of the year taking over the first floor.  NO RSVP OR SIGNUP NEEDED!  Just show up and, if you're early, enjoy some free pizza and other refreshments!  See below for the full list of all the fun...
  • 5pm: Pokémon Card Game Grand Finals match in Mr. See's Room
  • 5:30 to 7pm: GLOW SHOW and finger boarding in Mr. See's Room
  • 5 to 8pm: BOOK SWAP and K-1 Ceramics display in the Library
  • 5 to 8pm: 2-5 and KindiePrep 2-D art display in the hallway
  • 5 to 7pm: Middle School Art Display and Free Refreshments in the Cafeteria
  • 5 to 7pm: Student-Made Comic Books available for "purchase" (by actually drawing your own money) at the Student Entrance Foyer
  • 6:15pm: Kids Book Author Reading in the Library
  • 7 to 8pm: Variety Show and Rock Show in the Gym
A flier advertising mr see's big art show on tuesday, may 10th from 5 to 8 pm
Conferences are Coming Soon Too...
Would you like to meet up with Mr. See on May 11th or 12th during conferences to discuss your artists' creative growth this school year?  Click this scheduling link and select a time that works best for you.  You'll have the option of meeting in-person or virtually.  Please touch base with Mr. See via email if you have any questions (
District Art Show First Place Winner!
Here's a huge congratulations to Amelia Rzeszutek, an amazing Motsenbocker elementary artist who has won a first place prize in this year's District Art Show!  Please feel free to check out the art display at Park Meadows Mall to see this lovely drawing in person.  The art will be on display just outside of Dillard's from Thursday, May 5th through Saturday, May 14th.  There will also be a reception celebration there from 5 to 6pm on Thursday May 5th.  What a huge accomplishment!
a first place winning elementary school drawing of a realistic acoustic guitar on display at the district art show