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Welcome Back -- What's New in Art?
Happy New Year, everyone!  We are excited to see everyone back and to see all these lovely new artworks being made.  Middle School students are working on a variety of detailed drawings and paintings, with themes that include perspective drawing and the inspiration of the Impressionists.  Elementary school art geniuses are creating their last round two-dimensional drawings and paintings before we begin our season of ceramic sculpture projects!
Clay Month: Heads Up
For grades K through 5, clay month goes from January 29th through February 23rd.  We have brand new smocks so as to keep those uniforms clean!  But if you'd also like to send your art genius to school with some backup clothes during that week, that's fine too.
New Art Clubs
Mr See has several new clubs, including one that's available to all grades: Art Portfolio.  Every Wednesday, we'll meet for sessions on how to develop one's own style and art project ideas.  For once your art genius settles on a concept and a media of choice, she or he will spend the remainder of our sessions creating a series of large-scale artworks of their own design.
We also have a Comics Club on Mondays for grades 2 through 8.  We will look at famous comic books, draw inspiration from their stories and drawings, and design our own comics.
Mr. See is also offering Movie Talkers again every Tuesday.  This club gives students a chance to relax and socialize while analyzing the creative and artistic value of the various films we watch.  And snacks are provided!  Please check out the school store for more info on our movie list.  And check out the fliers below for some more specifics on these new clubs.
A poster informing parents that Comics Club goes from 2/5 to 5/7 -- more info on the school store
A flier informing parents that Movie Talkers Volume 2 goes from 2/6 to 5/8 -- more info on the school store
A flier informing parents that Art Portfolio club goes from 2/7 - 5/9 -- more info on the school store
- - -
Original Works Orders are in the House!
Huge thanks again to everyone that supported the art program through Original Works this year.  Your orders have arrived and they look amazing.  Mr. See and Mr. Riggs deliver orders to homeroom teachers on Monday, December 4th.  If you have any issues or corrections needed on your orders, please email the art team at or  We are so excited for you to see these gorgeous items.  And congrats to Ms. Stanley's third grade homeroom for winning the prize for the most orders!
Mr. See (the K5 art teacher) pointing at a box full of Original Works Orders from the art department!
- - -

Original Works Orders Due Monday!

Wow this school year is flying by!  The Original works deadline is already upon us!  Please be sure to give your art genius' completed order to Mr. See, the front office, or your homeroom teacher by Monday, October 30th (you could also feed your order to Sparky, the hilarious little robot that lives just outside of Mr. See's room).
If your want to submit artwork of a middle school student, please make sure it fits the 8.5 by 11 inches format.  Also, we are unfortunately unable to accept submissions of the recent "Vintage Cartoons" project because we are not allowed to sell reproductions of copyrighted material.  However, any of the other projects should do just fine and they've all come out amazing!
Also, for artworks of any grade level, please keep these things in mind as you order:
- Payments can only be made by check to "American Academy Charter School" (sorry, no cash please)
- If you want to order for multiple artworks by the same artist, each individual artwork needs to be submitted separately
- Extra order forms are available at the front office
- Prices are always different year-to-year, so please refer to the most updated price list, pictured here:

An image of the letter that was sent home for the Original Works fundraiser, including the 2017 price list
And, most importantly, thanks for supporting the arts at our school.  Not only does this fundraiser duly celebrate our art geniuses but it also supports the majority of our art supplies.  Thanks a million and stay creative!
- - -

The Original Works Fundraiser is Underway!

The artworks are looking amazing.  So, in celebration, we have a new robot ready to consume your Original Works orders!  Just outside Mr. See's classroom, you can drop off your completed orders, with check and artwork, right in the mouth of "Sparky," the happy little robot.  You could also give your orders to Mr. See, your homeroom teacher, or the front office.

Sparky, a little green (cardboard) robot with a caption that reads: "hi, I'm Sparky!  Feed me your original works order by monday, october 30th"
And there's a prize for the homeroom that gets the most orders: Mr. See will personally perform a song of your class' choice live on his guitar for you!  All grades are eligible, KindiePrep through 8th grade!  Thanks for supporting the arts!

A flier indicating that "the homeroom with the most original works orders will receive a live song performance from MR. See on guitar -- there's a picture of him rocking out on a fender stratocaster

Fundraiser Guidelines

The artworks went home Monday, and wow.  They look dazzling.  Our first two projects of the school year were made to Original Works specifications, so if you want to use both, great!  Just grab an extra order form from the front office since we can only have one baggy per artwork.  Also, if however, an artwork goes missing, please immediately email Mr. See (click here for Mr. See's email).  If we cannot locate the artwork, you still have options.  At the front office, we have plenty of back up packets with all fundraiser materials and blank cardstock for new artworks.  As long as the artwork follows these specifications, you're good.  The same applies to artworks you submit for siblings who do not attend this school:
  • No pastel -- pastel works made in the art room are sprayed with a very specific fixative required by Original Works
  • No glitter or metallic ink
  • Very bright color and clear imagery
  • Make sure the background goes all the way to the border
Also, when submitting, please make checks payable to "American Academy Charter School Parker."  On the back, make the following markings:
  •   A "T" indicating the top of the artwork
  • Your art genius' name and homeroom (if you're submitting art for a sibling who does not attend AA, just write their AA sibling's homeroom)
  • The school code, "AACS."
Thanks again for supporting art at our amazing school!  Remember that you're always welcome as a volunteer.  Scroll down to see the link from our news story on August 24th.  And stay creative!
- - -

Original Works

It's that time again!  Original Works is American Academy Visual Arts' biggest fundraiser of the year.  And more importantly it brings an exciting opportunity to our artists of all ages and all grades (including KindiePrep, Elementary, and Middle School).  Students and their families have the chance to purchase products that feature high-quality reproductions of their artwork.  Picture t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillowcases, key chains, and more, all featuring your art genius' work!

Artworks and fundraiser info will come on the first day back from Fall Break, Monday October 16th. Orders are due on Monday, October 30th. If you have any questions or need help with missing artwork, please email Mr. See (elementary art -- or Mr. Riggs (middle school art --

An image promoting the Original Works fundraiser, featuring products with elementary and middle school artworks reproduced thereupon
- - -
Come See Mr. See's Art on Exhibition
Art teachers from Douglas County School District currently have their art on display at the James H. La Rue Library in Highlands Ranch.  The show goes through October 31st.  And Mr. See's favorite piece is there!  Check out the below image, live and in person, plus a whole bunch of other gorgeous artworks as well!  We've got such amazing art teachers.A detailed, slighly surreal watercolor painting of a young man smiling and breaking his old cell phone in his bedroom
- - -
Come visit Mr. See's room during K5 conferences!  Elementary Specials Teachers will be in their classrooms during conferences on the evenings of Wednesday, October 4th, and Thursday, October 5th.  We would love to invite you stop by with your child who will give you a tour of the classroom, and share their activities and progress in all Specials classes.  Each classroom will take a few minutes.  Please come by on a drop-in basis between the hours of 5 pm and 7:30 pm on conference evenings.  Don’t forget to visit all content areas (Art, Music, Technology, PE). 
Emergency Communications – Please Opt In! We have a new emergency communications system this year, and the school is still trying to get everyone opted in so you can all receive emergency messaging when we send it. We will use this system to communication with you if there is every a serious emergency, but we also use it to notify you about lightning dismissals and school closings and delays as they occur. Think snow days!  Emergency Communications Opt In Form
Whose Art Goes Up?  If your K5 art genius would like to have her or his art shown in the first floor hallway, Mr. See has a super easy process.  First, the art needs to come home -- showing off your work to family is the most important thing.  Then, as long as the project got a 95 or higher, bring it back, hand it to Mr. See, and it's up.  We'll rotate out exhibitions once every few months.  So make sure your name and homeroom are on the back so you can get it back a few months later.

A fifth grader's painting of a silhouetted tree with mountains in atmospheric perspective for the background.

If the project is ungraded (like an "early fin" or a project from home), just show it to Mr. See and we'll decide if it's ready to show or if it needs a little more work.  The above tree painting, for example, is more than ready!  Our kiddos make such awesome work!
And we always need volunteers.  If you're interested helping out Mr. See's classroom, just sign up online.  It is a brilliantly fun experience.  Click here to access Mr. See's Parent Volunteers Signup.  Instructions are on the signup page.  But if you have any questions or need help with that, please email him at
- - -
A New Year of Art! We are so excited for a new year of creativity and artistic skill-building!  The art team has some amazing things planned for the 2017-18 Art Year.  First off, we're gearing up for another Original Works Fundraiser.  This will include all grades, KP through 8.  We've also got some fun projects going on to kick off the school year.  Mr. See's K5 art geniuses are drawing self-portraits whereupon they add their own detailed wing designs!  This goes along with the year-end art show's theme: #ArtGivesYouWings.  And Mr. Riggs is pushing middle school artists to new levels of drawing and coloring skill with his "Vintage Cartoons" project.  Keep you eyes open for artworks coming home!  They look amazing.
A 3rd Grade Artist's Drawing of Herself and a Dog with Wings!
Mr. See's Volunteers
Also, if you're interested in volunteering in Mr. See's classroom this school year, just sign up online.  Click here to access Mr. See's Parent Volunteers Signup.  Instructions are on the signup page.  But if you have any questions or need help with that, please email him at
New Art Clubs!
Lastly, Mr. See has three new clubs available!  Check them out on the school store.  Click here to check out the ECA's that are currently available.  He's got one club on Mondays for art geniuses interested in Abstract Art (grades 2 through 8).  On Thursdays, he's got another club available for students interested in learning how to draw realistically -- it's called "Life Drawing" (also grades 2 through 8).  And for ALL grades, Mr. See has a super-relaxing club meeting every Tuesday called "Movie Talkers."  It's where we gather to watch movies while chatting about them and enjoying a snack!
- - -
Welcome to Visual Arts! This is the news page for elementary and middle school Visual Arts classroom news and information and we will be posting our updates here throughout the year.

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