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Welcome To Visual Arts

Clay Month is Here!
For Mr. See's K5 art geniuses, January 27th marks our first day of clay!  We'll be doing ceramic clay projects for all grade levels, Kindergarten through Fifth, through the last week of January and most of February.  While this project is easily the most fun and exciting project of the year, it's also wise to keep a few things in mind to make sure your art genius is ready to make the most of this unit.  See the list of clay tips below.
A display of eight different ceramic artworks made by all the different grades, with a caption that reads "Ceramic artworks by Mr. See's K5 art geniuses."
- Safety is our number one concern this week.  Though students rarely report agitation of their hands when touching the clay, we do have non-latex gloves set aside to help those for whom this is a genuine concern.
- We have smocks!  If you're concerned about getting the yucky clay dust on your uniform, know that Mr. See has a big bin full of smocks (tee shirts that go over your uniform to protect it) at the back of the classroom.  Grab yours right at the beginning of class!
- Clean, clean clean.  Though sometimes, it's helpful for students to jump ahead on graded art projects, Mr. See would like everyone to call it a day once they hit their daily art goal, even if they accomplish this early on in the class period.  This allows them to take the rest of the time caring for the art room.  
- Most of these projects are graded on a completion basis.  Students are encouraged not to worry about how their work comes out, as ceramic art is very tricky.  The most important thing this week is that artists put in their best effort while open to a surprising learning experience, having grappled with a new and challenging media.  So, have fun!  As we often say in the art room, "if the dog you're making looks like a bunny, make it a bunny!"
- If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, or if you would like to donate non-latex gloves and wet wipes to the art room for Clay month, please reach out via email to
Original Works Orders Come Home Friday, December 13th
Big announcement here!  Original Works orders are in the house.  We'll be sending them home soon so that folks get them in time for the holidays, even those who are leaving for holiday travels before Winter Break begins.  Kiddos will receive their orders from homeroom teachers at the end of the day on Friday, December 13th.  Please let them know to keep these precious products safe on the way home.  If you need yours earlier, just reach out via email and I'll make a delivery to your art genius' homeroom ASAP (! 
Most importantly, thanks a million for supporting art and creativity at our amazing school!
Mr. See holding an Original Works Mug
Late Original Works Order?
Is that Original Works masterpiece still at home?  Are you wondering if an Original Works product really would have made the perfect gift this year?  Well, do not worry because you are not too late.  Mr. See is still accepting late Original Works orders through Friday, November 22.  Even though these late orders are not guaranteed for delivery by the holidays, the still make amazing gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and birthdays!  Email Mr. See for more info (
Art in the Hallway
Now that Trimester 2 is underway, we have loads of K5 artistic masterpieces to show off from the first chunk of the school year.  If you would like to enjoy some colorful creations by Mr. See's art geniuses, please take a minute to stroll the first floor hallway!
Mr. See spies some gorgeous student artworks on display in the hallway!