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Welcome To Visual Arts

Keeping Your Artworks Safe
Mr. See is planning to hold onto most K-5 artworks that are in his room until students are back in the building.  The reason for this plan is twofold: 1) most of these artworks were submitted for an art show which is still to come, and 2) the rest are ceramics and thus quite fragile.  Sending home the ceramic artworks in student check-out bags involves risking that some of the artwork breaks.  So, we'll keep your sculptures safe at school for now.  And, as for the art show, although we were not able to have A.C.E. this year ("Artists' Choice Exhibition," our big year-end art show), Mr. See is still planning to display these masterpieces as soon as he can, so stay tuned.
Unless you have already corresponded with Mr. See about sending home a specific item left in the Motsenbocker art room, know that your work will be kept safe until we get the chance to hand it back in person.  Feel free to email with any thoughts or questions (  
Reflecting on a Strange but Productive Year of Art Making
Although we are not together right now, we still cannot forget to celebrate all the amazing art made at Motsenbocker this year!  Mr. See has created a series of videos to showcase some our amazing masterpieces, many of which having been made at home during remote learning.  We also have below a very special video about last year's big art show event, made to inspire hope for more such events to come in the future.  Hats off to you, artists, who have persevered through these trying times to keep our community full of lovely artworks. 
Motsenbocker Video Art Show Part 1
Motsenbocker Video Art Show Part 2
ACE 2019 Video
Remote Art Class Learning with Seesaw
Hello, art squad!  I hope you and your family are doing well.  If you need anything at all, please reach out to me, Mr. See, as I am more than happy to support during these trying times (  And here's a huge thank you to all of my art students and families who are bravely taking on this new adventure of remote learning.  I have already seen a huge outpouring of beautiful artworks made at home and receive more and more every day.  Great work!
In order to make remote learning as convenient as possible for you, the Motsenbocker Specials team and I are using Seesaw, a super user-friendly web app.  Just visit their website by clicking here and enter in the login code that was sent home with your artist before Spring Break.  If you are unable to locate this login information or need any other Seesaw support, please email me or any Motsenbocker Specials team member, as we'll be happy to help you (
In keep your eyes out not just for assignments on Seesaw but also our Friday Funday journal posts!  See below for my response to this week's prompt: to post an image or video of your "classroom" or fellow students at home (note my delicious homemade cookies!).
Mr. See in his new remote "classroom," enjoying a homemade chocolate chip cookie
Please continue reading for some frequently asked questions for Motsenbocker K5 Art remote learning.
Which Specials Class am I in this Week?
We are continuing to follow the normal Specials schedule from before Spring Break.  If you are unsure as to which Specials class your student has this week, please look for our team email each Monday morning.  To lighten to load on your inbox, we will only send one group email per week.  If you have Art this week, your email with be from me (  If you have PE this week, your email will be from Ms. Matthews (  If you have music, it will come from Ms. Jacob (  And if you have Tech this week, expect an email from Ms. Weil (
Where can I Find More Information about Art Assignments?
Make sure you follow directions in our Monday emails.  For Mr. See's class, the most detailed instructions are on our "activities" tab, visible when your student signs into their Specials Seesaw classroom (see sample image below).  And please note, this virtual classroom is for all four Specials subjects, but it does not cover core content areas like math or literacy.  If a core content teacher is also using Seesaw, you'll have to sign out of their classroom and sign into ours, and vice versa, each week.
An example of how to find your student's activities tab on the Seesaw app
You can also Elementary Art page here on my web page for an overview of the current rotation's Art project.
What if Seesaw is Down?
The app is quite reliable but in the event of the occasional outage, please see their status update page by clicking here.  This page logs very helpful, timely, detailed information about how all of their systems are running.
What about the Year End Art Show?
At the moment, it is on hiatus.  I still have lots of great art submissions ready to show as soon as we are able.  But for now, we wait.  And while we wait, it's totally encouraged for my art students to keep a folder of their favorite artworks made at home, maybe not just a physical folder but a digital one as well.  As soon as we're able to do an art show, I would love to include some made-at-home masterpieces!