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Welcome To Visual Arts

Happy New Year from the Visual Art Department!
Here's hoping that everyone had a super relaxing break and that you're ready to get creative.  Artists at American Academy Motsenbocker have some exciting art opportunities to look forward to this year:
  • Our yearly fundraiser (see "Original Works" info below) is still accepting late orders through February 19th, 2021!  This program allows our amazing artists and their families to purchase gifts featuring reproductions of your masterpieces.  Coffee mugs, keychains, sketchbooks, t-shirts, and more are available on the Original Works website:  See the post from November 19th, 2020, below and follow method #2 if you'd still like to participate.
  • We've got an ongoing art display at Motsenbocker.  Usually, we hand back Original Works projects as soon as they return to our campus.  But this year, as there's been a shortage of art show events, we thought it would be awesome to show off these masterpieces before handing them back.  If you or your artist would like to take their art home now, please email Mr. See at  Otherwise, let your artists know they can see their Original Works projects on display in our first floor hallway between now and Spring Break.
  • New art projects are under way.  If your student is in elementary school, check out the "Elementary Art (K-5)" page here to see some details about our current work.  We're sticking with this year's theme of "Limitted Palette."  Rather than getting discouraged by truncated art supply options vis-à-vis Covid19, Mr. See and his art genius squad are inspired by the limitless creativity we can show through limited supplies.  Using a few key materials, students discover how to embrace or adapt a vast diversity of art styles.
An Original Works art fundraiser graphic displaying various products like coffee mugs, sketchbooks, and tote bags, all adorned with prints of student artworks
The big art fundraiser is back!  Now is your chance to order some really cool products featuring reproductions of your child's masterpieces through Original Works.  Not only does this program bring in funds to cover the vast majority of our art supplies -- it also arrives just in time for the holidays.  We offer a wide variety of products that make the perfect gift.
This year, the program is online.  We have two methods for participating: 
If your artist is in middle school, scroll below to follow the directions for method #2.
Method #1: Online Gallery. If your child was in-person between September 28th and October 29th, your child’s art should be in our private online gallery with Original Works. Go to the Original Works online gallery login and enter your campus’ code. Make sure to only capitalize the first letter as it’s case sensitive:
Motsenbocker: Aacs
Castle Pines: Amac
Lincoln Meadows: Acslm
Artworks are organized by homeroom. If your student has changed homerooms, make sure to double-check under both teachers’ names. In some cases, a student was absent or accidentally took their art home before their teacher got a chance to scan it. So, if you don’t see your child’s art online, simply scroll down and use Method #2.
Method #2: Scan or Photograph Artwork at Home. This option works best for those whose artists were remote between September 28th and October 29th, but it’s also good for anyone whose artwork seems to be missing from the online gallery for whatever reason. 
Create a high quality photo or scan of your artist’s work. Then go to and create your own account. Upload the artwork, order some lovely gifts, and don’t forget to enter this special remote campus code at checkout. If you don’t enter this code, your campus will not receive any art supply funds:
Motsenbocker: AACS2
Castle Pines: AMAC2
Lincoln Meadows: ACSLM2
Here’s a video explaining in detail how to scan and upload your own artworks:
The deadline for both ordering methods is Friday, December 4th.  If you have any questions, please email Mr. See at  Thanks so much for support our amazing artists!