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No joke, this YouTube channel is the best. Picture anything a cool kid would ever want to draw: they have a lesson on it. And their lessons are extremely fun. Each video features a dad and one of his kids drawing a new cartoon, movie character, animal, or another fun subject. 

Do you love to draw? Are you interested in a fresh challenge to your skills? Then you will love this YouTube channel. Specializing in linear perspective, the author of this channel will teach you how to create detailed line drawings with intense precision.

Want to learn more about the world's rich treasury of art? There is so much great work out there, sometimes it's hard to know where to start, especially for kids. Ducksters is an amazing website for curious kids. 

If you know how to write letters and numbers, then you can draw almost anything. It's true! Click this link and watch some funny videos that teach how how to turn letters and numbers into drawings of your favorite movie characters, subjects, and cartoons. And as if that's not awesome enough, this channel also features hilarious puppets.

If you don't have access to professional-level art and design software, this free web app is a great place to start learning. Although this program is very advanced, it's never too early to start playing with this type of software. Especially if you think you'd like to be a graphic designer or digital illustrator someday, try this thing out! It can be a lot of fun for artists aged 5 through 500.