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Kindergarten News


Friday, March 8, 2019
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Happy Friday! Please read below for some updates and important information!
Kindergarten Changes
We are so excited to have Kaeli Sandhoff join our team as our new ability group teacher starting on Monday. She has been a part of the American Academy community for years and she will be an amazing addition to our team. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this transition.
As you may or may not know, our IA, Mrs. Cramsey moved away. She was so wonderful with our children and we are already missing her greatly. With that being said, we are excited to welcome Ms. Deagle as our new IA. She has already been working with the kindergarten students throughout the year and the kids are already loving her!
Flu Season
Flu season is upon us and has hit the school quite hard. I am sure you all have gotten the warnings from our nurse but we wanted to reinforce the warnings. If your child is not feeling well, please do not send them to school. We can make up all work when they get back and we want to avoid spreading illness! To help combat the spread of illness we are asking for parent volunteers every day until spring break to come clean our rooms! It is a perfect way for you to obtain some volunteer hours and to help keep down on the germs. If we could have parent volunteers come in once a day it would help immensely! Please sign up below and come help us keep the kiddos healthy! Thank you for your help in advance!

Start Making Plans for Summer Camp - registration is now open!

We hope your kids can join us for one or more of the fun camps hosted by American Academy teachers and staff. There are many great options, and some camps even start the first week of summer break.

For more details and information about current summer camp offerings, visit the American Academy Summer Camp page (info is on the main website, under quicklinks >> parents >> summer camps).

Please note: ANY American Academy student can attend ANY of the summer camps listed, regardless of where the camp is being held. i.e. If your CP student wants to attend a camp being held at LM, simply log into your school store account but click on the other campus school store; all their camps will be listed under the Summer Camps tab. If you have questions, please email Catrina Phillips.

Yearbook Sale

Yearbooks are still on sale through April 1st! The cost of each yearbook is $20. This year, we are again offering 2 customized pages at no additional cost. To order yearbooks and create customized pages:
1. Go to
2. Enter our school’s passcode: 1014323184062819
Don’t delay and order today!

Cheer Camp

Did you miss the first cheer camp? Well now is your chance to come join Coach Mallory and Coach Christine with their Spirit Squad and become a part of the team for a night! K-4th graders are welcome to come learn some cheers from the spirit squad and get a chance to perform it for our group! We will then finish the night with some pizza! Join us Friday, April 5th, from 4-6:30 for a chance to cheer the night away!

Curriculum Update
Please read below for an update on what we are learning in each subject area.
Literacy - The Daily 5 Stations (independent work stations), Spalding Phonograms (a-z and two letter phonograms) reading narrative (fiction) books and retelling them (characters, setting, beginning, middle and end) and writing complete sentences, nouns and verbs, adjectives, compound words

Math - Number writing, shapes, pictographs, addition and subtraction story problems, sorting by one attribute, and splitting a whole into halves, addition and subtraction number sentences and doubles facts, plus one facts, minus one facts, plus zero, minus, zero, minus a number from itself

Science – Weather

Social Studies – 7 Continents, South America

Volunteer Opportunities

Morning Carpool Volunteer: