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Friday, February 23rd, 2018
Museum Field Trip
The kids had such a blast on our field trip today! A huge thank you to all of the chaperones and parent volunteers who helped to make today a success. We couldn’t do it without you!

Full Day - Sand Paper Needed!
As a part of our 7 Continent unit, we will be learning about the Egyptian Pyramids. We will need sand paper to do a craft for this lesson. If you would like to donate, please sign up! We appreciate your generosity. We will need this by March 9th. Please use the link below to sign up.

Trimester 2 Grades
Our second trimester came to a close today! If your child still has missing assignments in Infinite Campus they will have to be marked as a zero at this point. Thank you for keeping track of your child’s missing work and being so diligent about getting it in to us. We are looking forward to the last trimester of the year with your kiddos!

New Clubs
Please be sure to email homeroom teachers letting us know if your child is doing any new after-school activities. We are always trying to make sure students get where they are supposed to go and with your help, this is possible. Thank you.

Toys, Jewelry, Watches, Hair Accessories and Keychains
We are noticing a lot of children are coming to school with toys and keychains that become toys. We are also seeing jewelry, hair accessories and watches becoming an issue. All of these items can cause distractions at school. Please do not send your child to school with toys or keychains that may become a toy. If their jewelry, hair accessories or watches become a toy, please have your child refrain from wearing them at school. They can get lost and the children get very upset. Thanks for your understanding!

Volunteer Opportunity: Recess Referee!
Do you have a passion for sportsmanship? Are you interesting in helping our students learn about teamwork and how to form and follow rules of a game? We are seeking Recess Referees to guide students in fair play and following the golden rule to demonstrate good sportsmanship. If you are interested, please check in with the front office as a volunteer during lunch/recess times.

Curriculum Update
Please read below for an update on what we are learning in each subject area.

Literacy - The Daily 5 Stations (independent work stations), Spalding Phonograms, beginning, middle and ending sounds, rhyming words, syllabication, blending and counting CVC words, spelling, nouns, verbs, adjectives, writing simple sentences and compound sentences, nonsense words, and complete vs. incomplete sentences. We are also reading narrative (fiction) books and retelling them (characters, setting, beginning, middle and end).

Math – Sorting, tallying, one to one correspondence, ordinal numbers, word problems, addition number sentences, doubles facts with sums to 20, calendar, place value, graphing, patterns, left/right, teen numbers, counting by 10’s, weighing objects with a balance, counting dimes, counting by twos, and telling time to the hour.

Social Studies (Full Day) – 7 Continents

Science (Full Day) – Solar Energy