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Kindergarten News

Friday, January 11, 2019
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Happy first Friday back from break! Please read below for some updates and important information!

Party Safari

Please sign up your child for the in-school field trip, Party Safari, as soon as possible as it is next Friday! This will be in school during the time your child is at school. You do not need to do anything different on this field trip day, just send your child to school like normal! Thank you!

Lockdown Drills

As all of you know, we had a late start on Thursday. This late start was so we could have a new training. It is our number one priority to keep students safe at school, so we are VERY strict with these drills. Please discuss the seriousness with your child at home and the importance of following directions during these drills. It is very important that students know there is absolutely no talking during any drills. Thank you and please reach out to us if you have any questions about drills.


We will be having conferences from 4:30-7:00 on January 23rd and 24th. You should have received a literacy sign up from your child’s literacy teacher on Thursday, January 10th. These are our only times, so please be aware of this and sign-up quickly.

Ms. Pahl
Mrs. McMorrine
Mrs. Buresh
Mrs. Chardon
Mrs. Murphy

Full Day President Project- DUE JAN. 22

Before break, we sent home a president project in your child’s Friday Folder. Each child has been assigned to a president to research and create a puppet. They will be presenting this project the week of January 22nd. All of the projects are due on January 22nd. If you would like to come in to watch your child’s presentation, we will be doing them from 11:05-11:20 each day that week. This project is worth an assessment grade so please be sure to get it completed at home. We are so excited for the kids to be an expert on our presidents! This is such a fun way for them to learn and practice their presentation skills!

Robot Mouse

If your child loves robotics and would love to learn more about the fundamentals of coding, then this is the club for them! Kindergarten and 1st grade students will create a maze, "program" each step of the path through the maze into the Robot Mouse, and watch as the Mouse follows the sequence as it races to find the cheese! Students will first complete set mazes and then make up their own challenges to complete with the Robot Mouse. A great foundation for future coding! Come join Mrs. Chardon starting every Tuesday morning from 7-8 and miss the carpool craze! Robot Mouse will start on January 15th and the last class will be March 5th!

Extended Absences

If your child is absent for three or more school days, this is considered an extended absence. Please refer to our extended absence policy in the parent handbook for more details in regards to this. If your child misses more than three days of school, you will need to turn in a doctor’s note or e-mail our dean, Mrs. Hunt.

Rebel Bucks

The kids had a blast at our Rebel Bucks party before break! We are really starting to get a handle on this new positive reinforcement behavior system and saw a great reaction out of the kids coming back for Trimester 2. We are focusing on putting more positive reinforcements throughout the day into Kickboard. The kids are really responding to this system and absolutely love it! We are working hard to recognize children for their good choices and to increase their daily Rebel Bucks. See below for our adjusted amounts for Rebel Bucks rewards for this week.

Friday Fun- $30
Curriculum Update

Please read below for an update on what we are learning in each subject area.

Literacy - The Daily 5 Stations (independent work stations), Spalding Phonograms (a-z) reading narrative (fiction) books and retelling them (characters, setting, beginning, middle and end) and writing complete sentences, and nouns.
Math - Number writing, shapes, pictographs, addition and subtraction story problems, sorting by one attribute, and splitting a whole into halves, addition and subtraction number sentences and doubles facts.
Science – Recycling
Social Studies – President Unit

Volunteer Opportunities

Morning Carpool Volunteer: