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You are invited to join the Fifth Grade Girls’ Book Club!

When: every Thursday in Trimester 3 during Recess/Lunch
Where: Mrs. Winder’s classroom
Why: to share a love of reading, talk about friendships, and have mini lessons about friendships
What we will be reading: The Battle of Darcy Lane by Tara Altebrando
What is the book about: "It is summertime, and twelve-year-old Julia Richards cannot stand the anticipation. Everyone on Darcy Lane seems to be holding their breath waiting for the cicadas to emerge, but what Julia and her best friend, Taylor, want is some real excitement. Which arrives in the form of a new neighbor named Alyssa, who introduces a ball game called Russia . . . and an unwelcome level of BFF rivalry.

Suddenly nothing stands unchallenged—not Julia's friendships, her crush, or her independence. But while Julia realizes that she cannot control all the changes in her life, she hangs onto the hope that everything will go in her favor if she can just win one magnificent showdown." (

What you need to do to join:
1. Sign up on the Fifth Grade Website (no cost to sign up- NOT an ECA) Click here to sign up!
2. Get a copy of The Battle of Darcy Lane (you may purchase a book online or you may borrow from a library)

Our first meeting will be on Thursday, March 1st. We will discuss our reading schedule. You just need to have the book by our first meeting.
2/5/18 Kickboard
Happy February!  Parents and students have spoken and we have listened!  For the remainder of the 2017-18 school year the fifth grade team will be piloting Kickboard.  What is Kickboard you ask?  Kickboard is an amazing behavior management software system that affords our staff instant access to record the behavior of our students.  Teachers will utilize the program to reward students for positive behaviors that represent AA Character and Manners and work with students who display behaviors that require corrective action.  The students will be earning “Character Currency” through their positive interactions which can be used throughout the trimester on unique opportunities in the school.  At the same time, students can also lose “Character Currency” when a behavior is displayed that does not represent our core qualities.

For a more detailed overview of the program please view the PowerPoint below.

Parents are encouraged to download the app, through the link in the PowerPoint, to follow along with their student on their daily interactions.  Students have a link on their computer desktop that will utilize the same login and password as their parents.  We highly encourage utilizing the information in the app to discuss character development.  As teachers input interactions into the database, they will add notes to explain the interaction received by the student.

We are looking forward to implementing the program on Monday, February 5th! If you have any questions or feedback please contact our Dean of Students, Robyn Hunt at
1/31/18 Volunteer Opportunity: Recess Referee!
Do you have a passion for sportsmanship? Are you interesting in helping our students learn about teamwork and how to form and follow rules of a game? We are seeking Recess Referees to guide students in fair play and following the golden rule to demonstrate good sportsmanship. If you are interested, please check in with the front office as a volunteer during lunch/recess times.  

1/30/18 Upcoming Field Trip
Be on the lookout for information in the school store, starting March 1st, about our upcoming field trip!
What: Civil War Reenactment
When: Monday, May 14, 2018 from 9:30am-2:15pm
Where: 8570 High Country Trail, Elizabeth, CO 80107
Price: $55.00

Students will experience the thrill and excitement of walking back into history as they reenact a famous battle from the Civil War. Students will be trained for this battle at school prior to this event. All of the uniforms, muskets, equipment and cannons will be provided for the students to make it an unforgettable, authentic learning experience.

Students will need to bring a sack lunch and a disposable water bottle. They will be transported to and from this trip via DCSD transportation.