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Grade 5 News


What’s up in Science?


In science, we have been working on understanding how matter exists and changes both physically and chemically, but that it is not destroyed.  We have enjoyed some very exciting labs and we have a few more planned before we wrap up that unit, which we will cover after we return from Outdoor Ed.  As you have heard from Ms. Martinez this week, we started our 3 week STEM unit with Sphero.  It is fun and exciting to see the kids learn how to program the robots and complete some amazing challenges. 



This week we started our unit on the Protestant Reformation. This time period was filled with changes to the Catholic Church and many new religions were born. This unit is relatively short and will take us about 2.5 to 3 weeks to complete. We have also continued our Medal of Honor Character Development program. Students have now examined several Medal of Honor recipients and I have been so impressed with their admiration for these heroes.


In preparation of Veteran’s Day, I have a rather large favor to ask. If you have a Veteran in your family, please send in a photo of the person (preferably in uniform), accompanied by their name, relationship to your student, branch of military, conflicts/wars, special honors (Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Silver Star, etc), and if the person is living or deceased. If living, please include their age, and if deceased, when they passed. We will be posting these photos and Veteran’s information on our hallway bulletin board. You can send photos and information in starting Monday and we’ll start posting! You can also email photos and info to Thanks for your help in honoring our veterans!


Literacy (Foery and Macon)

Sherlock Holmes is the next novel on the docket, and we’ll be investigating (wink, wink) this exciting genre for the next several weeks.   We are fortunate enough to have a detective from the Parker Police Department come to talk to students next week about how modern day detectives solve mysteries.  Throughout the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, we’ll be discussing and comparing modern techniques to those of the greatest fictitious sleuth of all time.  


Students will continue to develop their writing skills and may be embarking on a mystery of their own.


Students will be able to access spelling lists through their literacy notebooks on One Note - once they get their computers back on Monday.



This week your student participated in an Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds. Students learned about the three behaviors and four thinking preferences. Today your student received their Youth Report and will hopefully share it with you. Remember that Emergenetics does not measure intelligence. On the back of your student’s Youth Report is a brief explanation of the four thinking preferences and three behaviors. You are welcome to look over your student’s Youth Report, but please make sure it comes back to school on Monday; we will be using them a lot in the weeks to come, and throughout the rest of their time at American Academy!