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Grade 5 News

Outdoor Ed Monday October 21st- Wednesday October 23rd


Monday Morning

On Monday morning, students will arrive at their normal time during carpool. Please park and bring your student and their luggage into the cafeteria. We will have luggage tags for students to place on their bags. Please try to arrive between 7:30 and 7:50am. This will allow students and teachers to get up to classrooms by 8:05am. We have some logistics to cover with the kids before loading up the buses.


Students should come dressed for Outdoor Ed. Please do not send your child to school in uniform. We do not want to damage those expensive uniforms. Come ready to get dirty and have fun!




Medications were due to our nurse by last Wednesday, October 9th. We understand kids get sick, so if you child has been prescribed medication recently, please locate the DCSD Medication Form on our Fifth Grade Website and have your child’s physician fill it out. Parents MUST bring the paperwork and medication in its original container to the nurse before school on Monday, October 21. Students may not carry medication. Remember this last-minute process if for medication prescribed recently.


Food and Contraband

Students are not allowed to bring food unless arranged ahead of time (typically due to dietary restrictions and allergies). Any food that if brought will be confiscated and disposed of.


Additionally, electronics (cell phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, smart watches, etc.) matches/lighters, pocket knives, candy, gum, aerosol sprays (perfume, deodorant, hair spray), over the counter medications, and hair dryers will be confiscated.


Packing List

Your child should have received a copy of the Stone Canyon packing list at school. If this did not make it home, you can find a copy on the right side of this page under the menu.


All personal items (clothes, toiletries, etc.) should go in the duffel bag or suitcase. The water bottle, pencils, pens, flashlight, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, camera, extra jacket, and warm hat should go into their daypack or backpack. Students will have their daypack/backpack with them all day to travel to activities so please make sure it is comfortable. We highly suggest packing a few hair ties or head bands for girls.


Bedding (sleeping bag & pillow) can be packed in a trash bag and labeled with their full name. If your child does not have a sleeping bag, a set of twin sheets and a blanket will work.


Students will need to be able to carry their duffel bag or suitcase from the bus to their assigned cabins along a dirt path. This is about a quarter of a mile walk, so please make sure it’s not too heavy. Remember we are only away for 2 nights.


Wednesday Return

We return from Outdoor Ed on Wednesday, October 23rd around lunchtime. We will inform the front office at school when we are leaving and they will communicate our ETA to you via email.


Parents are welcome to pick up students upon our return to school. You will need to sign your student out with their homeroom teacher prior to leaving school grounds.


If you choose for your student to stay until the end of the school day, you will need to come into the building to help your student with their luggage. Students that stay will watch a movie, color, play board games, or do other relaxing activities.