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Civil War Reenactment Video
If you would like to purchase a video of the reenactment of the Battle of Chickamauga, visit and click on Order Movie from the menu on the left side of the page. Videos typically take six to twelve weeks to prepare and ship from the time of the battle (Monday, May 14).
End of Elementary Celebration at Boondocks
We will be having one final field trip for our beloved fifth graders on May 22, 2018.  We will be venturing to Boondocks Fun Center to celebrate the end of elementary school. We will leave the school at 9:55 and arrive at Boondocks by 10:00 am. When the park opens, students will enjoy three hours of unlimited play within the park, as well as a $5 arcade credit. At 1:00 pm, students will eat pizza for lunch and then return to AA by 2:15. The price is $16.50 which includes lunch. Parent chaperones and drivers are needed, so please use the sign-up link below and we’ll get you the necessary paperwork. Please note that we’ll need more drivers than chaperones, so if you just want to drive and drop, just make a note in the comments section.
4/9/18 Curriculum Updates
We are currently working through our Westward Expansion before the Civil War unit. We have learned about Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, the growth of the United States, impact on the Native Nations, and early inventions such as the steamboat, steam locomotive and telegraph. Next week we will continue learning about the further exploration west, Texas and Oregon joining the Union, the Mexican War, and the Latter-Day Saints settling in the far west.
Once we finish learning about the westward movement, we will begin learning about the Civil War. Your student will be able to identify which states were part of the Union and which states were part of the Confederacy, reasons for the war, and more about slavery. Students will also be learning about several Civil War battles and their outcomes.

In literacy, we’re wrapping up our unit on Frederick Douglass, during which time we’ve had some difficult conversations and discussions about the atrocity of slavery and its long-lasting impacts on society.  In other discussions, we’ve marveled at the character shown by Frederick Douglass and his determination and motivation to become not only literate, but a truly powerful writer with an amazing mastery of the English language.   His legacy mirrors the wisdom of Shakespeare: “The pen (truly is) mightier than the sword.”
It’s not entirely coincidental that we begin our reading and study of The Secret Garden at this time of the year.   There will be a large multi-faceted project that goes along with this classic, which also happens to be my favorite. Details will be coming out next week.
With all of the influence of great writers, we’d be remiss in not looking even more closely at our writing.   After all, we want to head into middle school with writing that shows we are on our way to mastering language, grammar and spelling skills – (altogether at the same time in the same piece).   As such, you should expect an increase in writing assignments this term.

We will be finishing up the year with earth’s systems and the impacts that humans have, both positive and negative.  This includes ways that communities are working together to clean up areas, recycle, compost, and create gardens.  It also includes global issues such as the quest to provide clean drinking water and the ingenious solutions that kids have for solving some of the world’s environmental issues.
With spring’s arrival, we are also heading outside more often to study our Tulips and create a vegetable garden (in fact some students may be taking care of a vegetable plant in your house until May). Please visit Journey North’s website for more information on our Tulip Test Garden at

Field Day
The year is coming to an end which means Field Day is just around the corner. This year’s Field Day is on May 23, it is different than any other Field Day Motsenbocker has had before. It is an all day event. It includes a relay station, water games station, track and field station, playground station, art and crafts station and an imagination station. Aside from the stations students will also receive popsicles from PTO. Highlights of Field Day include a water balloon toss, washable tattoos, face painting and temporary hair spray paint. If you have speicifc qeustions regarding these events please contact Ms. Matthews

Running a successful field day requires a lot of planning and help from VOLUNTEERS. If you would like to help by donating supplies for this years Field Day click here, if you would like to help by volunteering and running an activity for part of the day click here. We appreciate all of YOUR help to make this event a successful event for all students at American Academy!