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Grade 2 News

January 18, 2019
 Happy Friday! We have a few important reminders before everyone leaves for a three day weekend. 
Parent Teacher Conferences
  • January 23rd and 24th
  • The conferences will be focused on MATH this time around. 
  • Sign ups will be live until Monday, January 21st, and then will become inactive so we can prepare for each conference.
Extra Supplies Needed!!
  • Thank you so much to everyone that has made a donation! We truly appreciate your support.
  • We are still in need of some extra glue sticks and Clorox wipes, especially Ms. Ferree and Ms. Golding!
  • If you have the means to send in some extra glue sticks or Clorox wipes to your child's homeroom teacher we would greatly appreciate the help!
  • Students have been enjoying learning about the properties of different objects and materials. We made Oobleck in class! Students loved discovering if Oobleck is a solid or a liquid. Next week in Science students will participate in another Mystery Science and discover why so many toys are made of plastic. 
  • The students have been having so much fun learning about the War of 1812. We have learned about the Star Spangled Banner and many important figures of the war.
  • We will continue learning about different battles of the war next week.