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Grade 2 News

April 9, 2021
Dear American Academy Families,
Happy Friday! Hopefully everyone has exciting plans to enjoy this beautiful weekend coming up! We have just a few important reminders before you start to enjoy that sunshine.
This week we continued our writing assignment. We are in the process of editing and rewriting our rough drafts. These kids have been working so hard on there writing, we are so proud of them. Next week we will finish our project by taking those paragraphs and turning them into a book!

This week we started Chapter 8. Our students have been learning the difference between estimating and measuring using inches and feet. We introduced the ruler and how to use it. Next week we will expand on this in chapter 9 by introducing centimeters and meters. Just like chapter 8, we will be skipping around chapter 9 and will not do all lessons. Also, we will do more than one lesson some days!
Next week we are finishing our history unit on Westward Expansion. We would love to make it fun by letting the kids celebrate with a "Pioneer Day". On Friday the 16th your child will be able to dress up as a cowboy or a pioneer! In addition, we will be doing crafts! Please help us make this possible by signing up for a donation below! You can send in the items as soon as you have them. Please bring before Friday, April 16th. Thank you so much!
The students are still enjoying STEM. Students have one more week.
Specials 4/5
Barksdale- Art
Chardon- Technology
Nelson- P.E.
Have a fabulous weekend!
On Behalf of the Second Grade Team,
Olivia Nelson
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April 16 Pioneer Day- Dress up
April 16, 2021
Dear American Academy Families,
Happy snowy Friday. Hope you are staying warm on this cold spring day. We had a fun busy day with Pioneer day and all of our weekly Friday assessments.
This week we started reviewing for our writing benchmarks that will take place next week. As a class we worked on creating a topic sentence with 2 key star ideas and details. We have been wrapping our writing up with nice, strong conclusions. We are excited to see the students show us how much they have learned in writing.

We completed chapter 9 on measuring with centimeters. We learned how important it is to make sure you are using the correct measurement on the ruler. We will be taking the chapter 8 and chapter 9 test next week. Our next chapter will be about data.
We finished our unit on Western Expansion and celebrated with Pioneer day. It was so fun to see the kids dressed up as cowboys, cowgirls, and pioneers. We worked on writing letters on old brown paper using feathers and homemade ink. We learned that it took a lot of ink and patience to write old fashion letters.
This was the last week of STEM. The students all had a great time making and learning about simple machines. Mrs. Martinez was so great with our 2nd graders and we truly appreciate all the work she has put into this unit.
Specials 4/19
Barksdale- P.E
Chardon- Music
Nelson- Technology
Have a fabulous warm weekend!
On Behalf of the Second Grade Team,
KrisAnn Barksdale