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About Ms. Meiborg


Education, B.A., Northern Illinois University

Home Town

Malta, IL


Hiking, cooking, gardening, crafting, organizing, and watching movies


A wonderful husband and two silly bulldogs


Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: Colored Flair pens, colorful sticky notes, Amazon gift card, Teacher Pay Teacher gift card


Allergies: None


Coffee/tea: Peach Green Tea Lemonade


Snack: Popcorn, pumpkin seeds, fruit


Night out restaurant: Hacienda Colorado, Maggiano's, Mt. Fuji


Lunch restaurant: Chipotle, Panera, Kneaders, Noodles and Co.


Place to shop: Target, Amazon, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby


Clothing store/style: Maurices, LOFT, TJ Maxx


Movies (out or in): Theater


Bookstore: Barnes and Noble and Amazon


Holiday: Halloween and Christmas


Flower: Any and all


Color: Teal, yellow, and grey