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Parents and other visitors are welcome to stop by the American Academy campus K-8 front offices during the the school day, 7:30 am to 4:15 pm, Monday through Friday throughout the school year. We are also open just before and after school during the year, and for with limited dates and hours at either before the school year begins and after it ends.

Front Office Help

The front office is your first stop for many sources of help and information during the school day. Among many other things, we can help you:
  • Drop off new family enrollment paperwork.
  • Leave a message for a student.
  • Find out who to contact for a question.
  • Ask questions about the carpool process.
  • Ask about volunteering at the school.
  • Get help scheduling a meeting with a school administrator.
Just call or email the front office and let us know what you need. Please understand that during the carpool process or school emergencies, the front office may not be available to immediately respond to your emails or phone call requests. Thank you for your patience.

Check In First!

For security reasons, all visitors and volunteers must always check in at the K-8 front office before entering the school building to volunteer or visit. First-time visitors and volunteers should plan to be background-checked with their current driver's license in order to gain access to the rest of the building. Once a visitor or volunteer has been background-checked and approved, there will be no need to present a driver's license again. However, visitors and volunteers must continue to check in with the front office before entering the building.

Volunteer Expectations

All American Academy parent volunteers must abide by the rules and the authority of the school leadership and its representatives, including teachers, instructional assistants and carpool attendants. Each volunteer must read the Visitor and Volunteer Policy, and have a Volunteer Acknowledgement and Agreement Form on file in the front office before volunteering.

Lunchroom Visitor Rules

We love having parents and grandparents (and aunts, uncles, adult siblings, etc.) visit our students to join them for lunch. However, we do have important school rules for our lunchtime guests to follow -- please read carefully and pass along to relatives planning a lunchroom visit.
  1. Be our guest and enjoy lunch with your student! Your student may invite two friends to join you.

  2. Lunchroom guests must stay in the lunchroom! We love having guests for lunch, but lunchroom visits do not mean guests have access privileges to the rest of the building!

  3. Please help our lunch and custodial teams keep our school clean. Pick up and throw away your own lunch mess (help your student hosts), and wipe the table before you leave.

  4. Remember that you are here to be a guest, not a parent. Enjoy your student and your lunch! But please allow the Instructional Assistants in charge to manage student interactions or conflicts.*

  5. Want to stay and volunteer for lunch recess? We are happy to have you! But first, say good-bye to your student and then go to the front office to check in as a volunteer. Don’t follow your student outside without getting checked in as a volunteer.
*As you would at any other school function, if you see or hear something of concern from or about a student while you are a lunchroom guest, please bring it to the attention of the Instructional Assistants in charge as soon as possible. Do NOT attempt to resolve student interactions or conflicts yourself!