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About Ms. Brown

Education:  B.S. Business, University of Phoenix, MA Education, University of Phoenix
Home town:  Aurora, CO
Hobbies:  Reading, Crocheting, Hiking, Tap Dancing, Spending time with kids and family
Family:  1 Daughter, 1 Son, Husband, Mom and Dad, Brother and Sister In Law, 2 Nieces, Sister and Brother In Law, 1 Niece and 1 Nephew - lots of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins
Volunteering:  We make no sew fleece blankets for Children's Hospital every year.
Allergies: No carbs or sugar
Coffee/tea: Sugar free vanilla latte with soy milk
Snack: Popcorn
Night out restaurant: Salt Grass
Lunch restaurant: Chipotle
Place to shop: Target
Clothing store/style: Old Navy
Movies (out or in): Theater with reclining seats
Bookstore: Barnes and Noble
Holiday: Christmas
Flower: Lily
Color: Pink, Purple
Sports team(s): Denver Broncos