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About Ms. Mitchell


Bachelor of Science, St.Cloud University

Home town



Travel, Hanging with friends, reading, walking with my dog or family, listening to music


Husband, a daughter, 2 sons, dog and hedge hog


Food Bank

Favorite Things

Allergies: Gluten free, don’t drink coffee

Coffee/tea: Chi tea with coconut milk

Snack: Crackers and cheese, fruit, mixed nuts, gluten free pretzels, dark chocolate almonds, nutty bars, potato chips bbq, vineagar and salt, dill pickle

Night out restaurant: Fuzzy Tacos, Hacienda Colorado

Lunch restaurant: marichaies, Beau Jo's Pizza, Maggionis

Place to shop: Target, lowes, Home Depot, Home Goods

Clothing store/style: Macy’s, JCPennys

Movies (out or in): Theater

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Lillies

Color: Purple

Sports team(s): Minnesota Vikings, DU hockey,

Silly fact about me: I have yogi bear a isms