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About Ms. Mitchell

Education:  BS in Education, St. Cloud State University
Home town:  Centerville, Minnesota
Hobbies:  I like to go to movies. I like being in a book club and reading different types of books.  Sometimes I like to dance while listening to music. I also like to do puzzles sometimes. I will also play board games.
Family:  I have a husband, 2 sons, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and a granddaughter.  I have 3 grand dogs and 5 grand cats.  I have my dad, 2 sisters and a brother and many nieces.
Volunteering:  I volunteer at my son's high school.
Allergies: Gluten intolerance
Coffee/tea: Hot Chia tea with almond or coconut milk, hibiscus and lemonade tea
Snack: popcorn, chips, sea salt dark chocolate with or without almonds
Night out restaurant: Colorado Hacienda, Kava, Old Chicago
Lunch restaurant: Qdoba, Firehouse sub, Freddys
Place to shop: Target, Home Goods
Clothing store/style: Maurices, JCPenney
Movies (out or in): Theater
Bookstore: Barnes and Noble or Amazon
Holiday: Christmas
Flower: lilies, roses
Color: purple
Sports team(s): Vikings, avalanche
Silly fact about me: I like to dance in the kitchen with my husband