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Box Tops for Education

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Did you know Box Tops for Education is digital?
Learn More Below and Help American Academy earn money.
Box Tops for Education is making the upgrade to move digital. That's right - you can do all of this from your Smart Phone! They have made the Box Top process super simple! Here's how you get started:
  1. Download the Box Tops for Education App from the App Store (for Apple products) or get it from Google Play.
  2. Click "Sign Up For Free" and create an account.
  3. Search for our school: American Academy of Motsenbocker.
That's it for set-up and now you are ready to roll. Simply shop at all of your favorite retailers and save your receipt. Then, within the app, click the Scan button which will take a picture of your receipt. You must do this within 14 days of purchase. Once you have done that, the app does the rest of the work and we earn credit at American Academy.
Need some help with the app? Box Tops for Education has created some videos to help:
What about those paper Box Tops? Don't worry, they haven't gone away just yet. Though they are being phased out on packaging, if you do see them, you can continue to clip them and bring them in to the school.
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