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Ongoing Fundraising

American Furnature Wearhouse   Office Depot
Box Tops   Dairy Caps
King Soopers

 Box Top Sweepstakes

Good Buy Gear

De-clutter And Raise Money For American Academy- MB

Good Buy Gear offers a full-service selling option for families ready to clear out the baby and kid gear you are no longer using. Simply sign-up for a White Glove Pickup and select American Academy-MB as the lucky recipient of the proceeds of your sales.


How does it work?
1. Go to
2. From the "Ways to Give" drop-down, select "School Fundraiser"
3. Enter your preferred day and time of pickup and select American Academy-MB from the school drop-down

Good Buy Gear will take care of the rest --> picking up your items, taking pictures, generating listings and storing everything until it sells. Now through Dec 1st, Good Buy Gear will offer a free pickup service ( a $25 savings) (**no upfront payment for a pickup is required). Sellers will receive real-time notifications when something sells and American Academy-MB will receive cash payout in the form of a check.



  Celebration Express is a unique way that you can celebrate your child at school for any number of reasons, with the help of our reliable committee.  Does your child have a birthday coming up?  Did they win an award or achieve an accomplishment?  Let us help you celebrate them! Please email with any questions.
Goody Bag with balloon  

Goody Bags with Balloon $30


Includes 5 mini-novelty items for each student in your child's homeroom class.  Your child's goody bag will also include a personalized note and one Mylar balloon.  Bags will be delivered to your child's homeroom at approximately 2:30 PM on the date selected on the order form. 

My School Bucks
Celebration Board  

Celebration Board $25

Includes one 12x24 inch board (approximate size) decorated for a boy or girl in a general theme of the celebration (birthday, congratulations, etc.).  Board includes 4-6 personalized photos (number depends on size of photos) as well as a personalized note and a balloon delivered and displayed in your child's classroom on the day selected on order form.


My School Bucks

Locker Wraps  

Locker Wraps (Middle School Only) $30

Your child's locker door will be decorated for their special occasion (birthday, congratulations, etc.) so they will be surprised by it at the beginning of school on the date selected on the order form (decorations are done the afternoon prior to the date selected).  Decorations may include 3-5 personalized photos (depending on size) and a personalized note.  Please note, Locker Wraps are ONLY available with 48 hour notice due to the planning that needs to occur!
My School Bucks

  Balloon Bouquet $25

Our Balloon Bouquet includes 5 Mylar balloons, a balloon weight and a personal note delivered to your child's homeroom classroom at approximately 2:30 PM on the date selected by you.



SEPTEMBER 6th, 2018 (4pm to close)





OCTOBER 17th, 2018 (4pm-8pm)



November 6, 2018 (4pm-8pm)



DECEMBER 6th, 2018 (4pm-8PM)

Chic Fil A  


JANUARY 10th, 2019 (4pm-8pm)

Panda Express  


February 7, 2019 (4pm-8PM)

Uniform Resale

Uniform Resale  JULY 28, 2018 (12pm-3pm @ AA-MB)


Got donations?

Thank you!! No need to prepare the items -- just wash and drop off at any of our drop-off locations.

Got sale items?

There’s still plenty of time to turn those items in! Find a drop-off location that works for you and make sure to follow the instructions for registering and tagging!
Please note that neither the AAPTOs nor the Uniform Resale Committee are responsible or liable for any lost, stolen, incorrectly tagged, or damaged items. Tag your items clearly as instructed and make them secure.