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Fun Run

Registering Your Student(s) for the AAMB Fun Run Pledge Drive

Help us reach our goal of $45,000 for new basketball hoops and STEAM enhancements.

Support our American Academy- Motsenbocker students today by donating to our annual Fun Run Pledge Drive. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! These donations directly benefit the AA-Motsenbocker campus. Here is a link to see how our PTO dollars have been benefiting AAMB in the past. This Fun Run is a healthy, active, (and fun!) alternative to traditional fundraisers.
This year we are excited to announce that our Fun Run dollars will be going towards new basketball hoops in the gym and also making a direct installment into our STEAM program! The installation of 4 side hoops will allow the gym to be split into two almost full size courts.  We currently have a divider to help make this possible.  Currently, when the Middle School (big kid) is on their PE rotation, they share the gym with k-5 (not so big kid), so two sets of hoops and separated allows each group to go about their class.  Additionally, there are many times when the gym is needed at the same time that a class is using for PE so the gym can be divided and the group will still have access to 2 side hoops. The MS basketball team (Go Rebels!) will also utilize the multiple hoops at practice. 
KP-8th Grade students will support your donations by running at the AAMB Campus on September 28th. All donations must be received by September 30th and only WEBSITE* donations will count towards student, classroom, and grade level prize packages.

Prize Package information will be listed on this page once available.
NEW FOR 2018: *Cash donations (i.e. ENVELOPE PLEDGES) will be accepted at the front office, but will NOT contribute to either individual student or classroom/grade level prize packages.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Select “No, I am new to this site and need to create an account” and click the “Continue” button

Step 3

Enter the registration code “2018aamb” (without the quotes), enter your email address, enter the characters in the image, and click the “Register” button to begin the registration process.

Note: You will need access to your email account during registration to verify that we can send you emails.

Step 4
Once you are registered you can go to the PARENT BULLETIN BOARD >> AAMB Fun Run Pledge Drive (icon) to donate and share links via email, social media, etc which will directly go towards your student(s) total donation amount.
Need to Know Info



Fun Run Date: September 28, 2018

Fun Run Donation Deadline: September 30, 2018
  • This is an in-school pledge drive event and directly benefits the AA-MB campus.
  • Tax id #84-1165175
  • Please check in with your homeroom teacher or room parent for run times.
  • Each homeroom (KP-5) will be given a different theme (team name & color) and dress up for the run. Great opportunity for pictures!
  • Fun Run Pep Rally will be held during school on Thursday September 13. Classroom themes will be sent out on Friday Sept 14 to Room Parents.
  • New for 2018
    • No Fun Run t-shirts due to (high cost, unreliable sizing, short shelf life). KP-5 will have a team t-shirt color. We encourage your student to wear your team 'color' the day of the fun run!
    • Only WEBSITE donations will count towards individual, grade level, and homeroom prize packages. ENVELOPE donations can still be given to the front office to apply towards our school goal of $45,000, but will not apply to your student's prize packages.

Fun Run Fundraising Successes:


2017 Fun Run Success: $46,300


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Fun Run?

The Fun Run is a healthy alternative to traditional product sales to raise funds for our school. It is a student led, values centered, fitness based run. The program will promote Fitness and Education while building school spirit.


Is this a PTO Fundraiser for our school?

Yes!! The Fun Run will be the major Fall fundraiser while the Spring Soiree will be the major Spring fundraiser.


What will the school purchase with the money we raise?

See our page here for information on what Fun Run dollars have gone to in past years. This year we are going to be getting the Gym new Basket Ball Hoops and also contributing to the STEAM program.


Will all students participate regardless of donation amount?

Every KindiePrep-8th grade student will be able to participate in the program regardless of donation amounts received. Each student will be part of the Classroom Team Building Activities and the Fun Run!!


Where and when will the Fun Run take place?

The run will take place on September 28th during school hours. A temporary track will be created on the school’s field. Running times for each grade will be sent to you by your student’s homeroom teacher or room parent.


What will the format be?

Students will have a set number of minutes to run the track. Each child will have the opportunity to run/walk for as long or as short of this time period as they choose.


Do all students run at the same time?

No –students should be separated by grade to help avoid track crowding and provide the students with maximum space to run.


Will special provisions be made for students with a disability?

Yes –the PTO will work with Administration to ensure all students participate and enjoy the event.


How does my child obtain donations?

Students will be asked to contact family and friends for a flat donation. Laps will not be counted so donations need not be collected as such. NEW IN 2018: Only WEBSITE donations will count towards prize packages. Cash donations (envelope pledges) can be dropped off at the front office but will not count towards any prizes.


Is my donation tax deductible?

The PTO is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible. A tax receipt will be available to download from the bottom of this page. Please check with your Tax Advisor for confirmation since individual financial situations vary.


Can my company make a matching donation?

Yes, absolutely. The PTO will accept company matching donations. Many companies match individual donations at a certain dollar amount. Please check with your employer for details.


Will prizes be awarded based on donation amount?

Yes, prizes will be awarded to individuals, classrooms, and grade levels.Prize levels will be cumulative based on donations turned in by the due date. Prize program information will be found on this page once available.


Are parents welcome to volunteer or attend the Fun Run?

YES!!! Families and friends are encouraged to attend and cheer on the students during the Fun Run.To volunteer, please visit this Fun Run Volunteer Signup which will be listed on this page once available. Need more information, please contact


Below, you will find several support documents to help with our Fun Run Efforts:
* Email Template that can be tailored to your student when reaching out to family/friends for donations.
* 501-c-3 affirmation letter (for TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations!)