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About Ms.Wren


Liberal Arts/English, B.A., Colorado State University
Elementary Education, M.A., Metropolitan State University of Denver

Home Town

Born in Omaha, but moved to Colorado when I was a toddler... I consider the Centennial area my hometown, as I spent most of my childhood there.


Yoga! Mountain biking, camping, hiking, walking my dog, enjoying farmer's markets and other outdoor Colorado activities.


Denver Kids, Inc. (a nonprofit focused on providing academic and emotional support for low-income, high-risk Denver Public Schools students and their families).


Husband, Andrew, and one dog, Ellie

Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: Chapter books!!! Educational posters, art supplies, board and trivia games

Allergies: No allergies, but I can't do cilantro or anything with too much citrus

Coffee/tea: I like all teas, and most coffee drinks, as long as there isn't too much sugar or dairy. If I had to pick a drink, I'd say a hazelnut latte with almond milk.

Snack: Chocolate-covered gummy bears, any cheesy crackers (i.e. Goldfish, Cheez-its, popcorn, Cheetos)

Night out restaurant: Any local brewery

Lunch restaurant: Chick-fil-A

Place to shop: Target, REI

Clothing store/style: Casual and comfortable but colorful!

Movies (out or in): Home - we especially like silly/badly-rated Sci-Fi disaster movies

Bookstore: Barnes & Noble if last-minute, Amazon if I'm planning ahead

Holiday: Fourth of July

Flower: Orchid

Color: Teal

Sports team(s): Colorado Rockies

Silly fact about me: I love traveling, reading Young Adult fiction, and I've always wanted to learn how to dance!