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About Ms. Anderson


Behavioral Science, B.S., Metropolitan State College of Denver

State of Colorado Professional Teaching License

Home Town

Ft. Hood, Texas
Ft. Carson, Colorado
Littleton, Colorado


hiking, yoga, cooking, watching documentaries


2 daughters, ages 16 and 8. Youngest is an American Academy student.

Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: tropical fish food, cushions for reading corner, magnets for white board

Allergies: No allergies, but I do not like mayonnaise of any kind, or cilantro

Coffee/tea: Regular coffee with vanilla and cream (iced in the warm months), iced green tea

Snack: twizzlers, chex mix

Night out restaurant: Modern Market

Lunch restaurant: Qdoba, Chick-fil-a, Panera  

Place to shop: Target, Amazon, REI

Clothing store/style: Francesca's

Movies (out or in): both

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Hydrangea, roses

Color: gray, pink, auquamarine

Sports team(s): Colorado Rockies

Silly fact about me: I can seem very serious, but I love to laugh!