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Middle School News

Friday, December 7th


8th Grade Retreat


Mark your calendars! The 8th Grade Retreat will take place from the morning of Thursday, March 14th through the afternoon of Friday March 15th at Stone Canyon in Larkspur. Students will be dropped off in morning carpool on March 14th and return to American Academy around 2:15 PM on Friday, March 15th. The 8th Grade Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for students to build upon their leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills with their friends and classmates in an outdoor environment. Students will be able to try their hand at archery, zip line through pine trees, master a high ropes course, and much more! Registration for the 8th Grade Retreat is a two-step process:





  1. You will register on the American Academy School Store where you will be able to choose between a monthly payment option (with the first payment due by January 1st) or a full payment option (that is due by February 18th). Please choose one of the links below or visit the School Store to register.






  1. After your registration through the School Store has been submitted, you will receive a link to complete the registration process through Stone Canyon. You will receive this link by the end of the next business day.

On this site, you will fill out all medical and emergency information and print any medical forms that your student may need. Please note that very strict medication policies will be in place on this trip. Here are the expectations for those who wish to have their students take medications on the trip:


“Bring enough medication to last the entire time at camp. All medications must be kept in their ORIGINAL BOTTLE/PACKAGING in order to be administered at camp. The ORIGINAL BOTTLE/PACKAGING will allow us to identify the prescribing physician (if a prescribed medication), the name of the medication, the dosage, and the frequency of administration. Any medication not in their ORIGINAL BOTTLE/PACKAGING will not be administered while at Stone Canyon. We require a doctor's signature on the medication form for all medications being administered at camp other than the items you gave permission to administer above.” – Stone Canyon Outdoor EdVentures





Both, the School Store and Stone Canyon registrations will close on February 18th. All Medical Release and Self-Carry forms MUST be filled out, signed by a physician and turned in to the Front Office no later than Tuesday, February 25th.



Click HERE for the retreat packing list.




8th Grade Yearbook Dedications


Your son or daughter will soon be graduating from American Academy!  The yearbook staff would like to invite you to honor your child and all of his or her accomplishments with a special tribute in the 2018-2019 American Academy yearbook.

To honor your child, you may purchase a 1/6 page for $20. You can pay by check (made payable to American Academy) or cash. You may drop off payment at the front office. This money will contribute to the 8th grade gift at the end of the year! After you’ve placed your order, please email one photo (preferably a baby or toddler photo) and a note (6 sentences or less, including their name!) for your advertisement to  Your photo must be at least 300dpi or they will be blurry in the yearbook. It is also suggested that your child be the only person in this photo, but this is not required.  Please place your order no later than April 1st. Orders cannot be accepted after this dateIt is necessary to enforce this deadline so we have adequate time to complete the yearbook.


Please note that we will do our best to keep all 8th grade special tributes a secret unless you choose to share yours with your child ahead of time.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Weil Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!






Important Deadlines                                                                                                                            

Jan 1

Last Day to Register for the Monthly Payment Option for the 8th Grade Retreat

Feb 18

Last Day to Register for the Full Payment Option for the 8th Grade Retreat

Feb 18

Last Day to Register on the Stone Canyon Website for the 8th Grade Retreat

Feb 25

All Medical Forms for the 8th Grade Retreat Need to be Completed and Turned in to the Front Office

March 14

Depart for the 8th Grade Retreat

March 15

Return from the 8th Grade Retreat

April 1

All Yearbook Dedication Orders and Photos are Due



If you have any questions about the retreat, please contact me at For all inquiries about yearbook dedications, please contact Kathleen Weil at



Thursday, November 29th


Letter from the Principal:



Dear American Academy Parents,


With one trimester down, we are full steam ahead barreling toward Winter Break! Since all of the students are well acclimated to middle school life, we are hoping for a smooth finish to the school year. That being said, please pay attention to some items in this email that pertain to helping keep up with your child’s academics.



Keeping up with your child’s assignments

Through the start of the year, we understand that transitioning into a new grade can be difficult for both parents and students. After having numerous conversations regarding the tracking of assignments, it feels necessary to refresh on how and where to check assignments for classes.


All students have their own system for tracking homework. Every student in the 6th grade has a daily planner and this tool is frequently used in their classes. Whether your child uses the planner or not, it’s helpful to have a central location to write down their daily assignments. Having these conversations at home about tracking assignments can help close a gap of miscommunications occurring at school.


Additionally, teachers are required to have assignments entered into Infinite Campus by the end of every school day (some have them in WAY earlier!). Log-in to the parent portal for Infinite Campus ( or the Infinite Campus app, and find your child’s To-Do List on the left hand side (on the app, go to Assignments and click Today on the upper right hand side). This is a list of assignments that your child needs to complete and is a great central location for this information.


Missing Assignments

When your child has a missing assignment in Infinite Campus, the gradebook will reflect this with an M in place of a score. We understand this always causes some confusion, so I want to help clear up any questions or misconceptions.


When an M is put into Infinite Campus (IC), this is both a score of 0 AND triggers a reminder in IC to each family that this assignment is currently missing. This occurs EVERYTIME an assignment is not turned in. This includes: being out absent (whether excused or unexcused), out on a STEM trip, leaving it in the car, dog eating it, et al. The reason we always place the missing tag is to alert the child and family that the assignment has NOT been turned in. Whether the assignment is graded for full credit is dependent on the reason for the missing assignment. Also, please remember that students have 2 days to turn in a missing assignment, with full credit, for every day they were absent.


Finally, I am always asked about student participation in Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) in regard to missing assignments. If a student is failing a class, directly due to missing assignments in regard to an EXCUSED absence, they are ALLOWED to participate in ECAs.


Math Lab has returned!

For those families looking for after school math help, the middle school math department has brought back Math Lab. Math Lab is after school (3:30 to 4:30pm) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each day, one of our middle school math teachers will be in the room to work with students individually on their math assignments or help refine any concepts. This is a drop in course that is available on the school store ( Click Academics and sign up whichever day your child needs help!


Apple Award Nominations

If you would like to recognize your child’s teachers for their hard work, take a minute to nominate them for an Apple Award. The Apple Award is the Douglas County equivalent for Teacher of the Year. We send two representatives per building every school year. Help us find the perfect candidate!


The Apple Awards as we know it is changing! Some changes are to the nomination process, so keep reading to find out how to nominate your favorite American Academy employee:


  1. Nominations are going SOCIAL and will be posted publicly on a customized webpage for American Academy.
  2. Nominations are now video or written TESTIMONIALS - more personal, more powerful and visible to more people.
  3. SHARE your testimonials easily. They can be downloaded or posted to social media.
  4. Anyone over the age of 18 can nominate, as well as students age 13 or older with parent permission.



Secret Garden performances this weekend!

Our middle school winter play is opening this weekend. The Motsenbocker Campus has combined with Lincoln Meadows to perform Secret Garden at the AA Lincoln Meadows gymnasium. It isn’t too late to purchase tickets! Come support our talented middle school students:



That’s all for upcoming news for the next few weeks. As always, please contact me if you need more information. Thanks!


Upcoming Events                                                                                                     

Dec 11-18

Scholastic Book Fair in Motsenbocker Library

Dec 18

School Spelling Bee (Grades 5 – 8) – 8:15am in the Gymnasium

Dec 21 – Jan 7

NO SCHOOL – Winter Break

Jan 17

Middle School Conferences – 4:30-6pm in the Cafeteria


August 20, 2018
Our middle school team is so looking forward to teaching your wonderful students in 2018-2019! We will send home an email newsletter occasionally (not as often as you received them in Elementary School) and we post that same news here so you can reference the information online any time. If you have questions for any of our teachers throughout the year, please don't hesitate to email us! You can find our email addresses in the Staff Directory or by visiting the Staff page in the menu on this page.
Here's to a fantastic year!

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