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About Ms. Server


B.S. in Secondary English Education, University of Wyoming

Home Town

Bakersfield, CA


My primary hobbies include drawing, knitting, reading, playing video games, cooking, and creative planning.


My mother lives in Arkansas, and my husband and I live in town.

Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: I am always game for more post-it notes, nice pens (InkJoy and Flair pens are my favorites for grading), and more books to expand my classroom library.

Allergies: mild lactose intolerance

Coffee/tea: Matcha Green Tea and/or Hazelnut Lattes

Snack: All varieties of berries, most plain chips, and granola bars

Night out restaurant: Portofinos or August Moon

Place to shop: Grocery: King Soopers ; General: Walmart ; Clothes: Maurices

Clothing store/style: Comfortable airy/breathable clothes and knitwear

Movies (out or in): Home

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Flower: Sunflowers and lavender

Color: Every single fall color ever; but also just anything blue

Sports team(s): Rockies (but I'm not very invested in any team to be honest)

Silly fact about me: Growing up, my family never owned less than 6 dogs (all boxers).