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Ms. Churik

****Please go to Microsoft Teams for all files and information for assignments.****
If you need help logging into Teams, download "TEAMS Directions" below.
If you need anything else, email me at
*All assignments are due the following Monday, April 20th.
**Login to Microsoft Teams for files and more information. For help, see the file "TEAMS Directions."
***There is no spelling this week as we continue our Animal Research Reports.
Grammar DLI Week 24 Two/Three Sentence Edits, Days 1-4 *Mandatory
Writing Animal Research Report, Rough Draft - Conclusion, Begin Editing your Rough Draft and writing your Final Draft for pages Intro, Description, Diet, and Habitat *Mandatory
iReady Complete 2 lessons *Mandatory
Reading Login to Raz-Kids. Go to the "Reading Room" and read one book per day at a comfortable reading level.) *Optional
Phonograms Watch videos and complete worksheets for: ow oy oi ur ng *Optional