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Where Does the Money Go?

Fundraising Dollar Breakdown

Our PTO is about community.  We strive to align our parents voice with the mission of our school.  Money raised at our PTO sponsored events is used to fill in the gap between what is allocated by public funding and the additional experiences and resources we want available for our children to enhance their learning experience at school.  Public Funding provides basic education, but there is nothing basic about American Academy.  These enhanced experiences and resources are one of the ways our school is different.  Like other top-ranked schools, we must continue to raise money to fund these on-going STEAM resources.  This year, we ask you to consider making a donation to specifically support the purchase of new lap-top cart(s).  Are you still using a flip-phone?  Why not?  Probably because there is better, newer, technology to replace it.  Well, we need to do the same with our expired laptops.  No contribution is too small and certainly none is too large so please consider what your family can contribute to ensure our children are learning in a state-of-the-art environment.  


Where does our money go? Listed below are a few examples of how PTO funds have been used to support our STEAM program over the past 5 years:

  • Teacher Classroom Supplies (annual basic needs, SMART boards, microphones)                                             
  • Technology Hardware (5th – 8th grade students use a school laptop)
  • Technology Software (spyware, Microsoft, etc.)
  • Software and App Licenses (Ex:  Raz Kids, IXL, GoAnimate!, Discovery Education)
  • Specialized Teacher Training  (I think they used our STEM $ one year to send STEM teachers to some training/conference)??
  • Sports Equipment
  • Gym Facility Equipment (bleachers, scoreboard)
  • Specials Materials (Art Kiln, PE equipment)
  • Water Filtration systems
  • Garden Lab *Still under construction, faced some unfortunate delays but hopeful this additional learning environment will be up and running next year*
Fall 2017

Installed shelving in the greenhouse - for seedlings and plants
Purchased and installed vine planter box
Purchased compost bin - we are holding inside until the garden is active
Purchased greenhouse tools - we are holding inside until the garden is active
Purchased and assembled gate arbor – will adjust walkway to fit
Purchased and installed the sun dial - we are holding inside until the garden is active
Added additional fencing in front of the greenhouse – completed work started last spring
Installed electric heater in greenhouse – to protect seedlings in cold weather 


Spring 2018

Laser printing and hanging our GardenLab sign - to make it pretty
Water spigot to be installed and hooked up to water lines - so we can water our plants!
Electricity to be installed by IREA - for heater in the greenhouse
Install teaching area in corner
Order student stools or benches for teaching area
Order instructor desk/bench for teacher area
Order and install bird baths
Order landscaping finish materials
Prairie dog mitigation and fix prairie dog holes
Weed mitigation around garden


Fun Run 2016


Thanks to you, our wonderful Parents & Sponsors, we were able to surpass our goal for the Fun Run 2016.
As promised, the money raised from the Fun Run has been used to purchase retractable bleachers for our gym, uniforms for our Athletic department and continue our support to the STEM program. The bleachers were installed over Spring Break.

Thank you for your support!